OnePlus deplores a criticism on its smartphone … from a tweet sent by iPhone

OnePlus is tripping over the carpet. The Chinese brand expressed its sadness after a video criticizing one of its models. But she did it not with said model, or another product from her catalog, but using an iPhone.

This should be a rule of thumb for every community manager in the world, especially if they work for a smartphone brand: use products from the brand that employs you. Especially if you interact with the public. This will have the merit of avoiding putting you in a bad position afterwards, if you have to tease your competitors.

Unfortunately for OnePlus, this recommendation was not followed. At least, by the team that manages the brand’s Twitter account for the United States. In a message published on December 28, the Chinese brand reacted to a video by Marques Brownlee, an American influencer who proposed a video in which he presents his awards for smartphones.

The OnePlus 10T failed to convince Marques Brownlee. // Source: OnePlus

Alas for OnePlus, its OnePlus 10T phone was deemed disappointing by Marques. He received the distinction of biggest disappointment of the year, which obviously made the Chinese brand react. On Twitter, she wrotehow to claim our trophy? We’ll prove you wrong in 2023 “. All this, with an emoji looking up to the sky, to mark his trouble.

The frustration is understandable in a video that features so many rivals. But what the CM of OnePlus forgot in his message is that it is always possible to see from which device the tweets are sent. And Marques Brownlee saw it. The tweet of exasperation was sent from an iPhone and not a model of the brand. Hilarity followed.

OnePlus Brands
“Twitter for iPhone”. The tile. // Source: Screenshot

It turns out that this little mention, which must be causing a lot of hassle today for OnePlus’ CM, does not appear on the tweet when viewed from the social network’s website. You can’t see it from the official mobile app either. However, it does appear on other tools, such as TweetDeck, a computer application designed to manage one or more profiles.

However, this mention must disappear for good. ” We will finally stop adding the device a tweet was written on (waste of screen space and computer processing) below each tweet. Literally no one knows why we did this », wrote Elon Muskthe boss of Twitter, on November 14.

This small mention will be regretted by some Internet users, but probably not by CMs or influencers. Because the web is full of similar stories: David Ferrer who touts the Galaxy S4 with his iPhone in 2013, Huawei wishing wishes with an iPhone in 2019 or Google who also writes a message from this same phone while this is the account dedicated to the Pixel range…

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OnePlus deplores a criticism on its smartphone … from a tweet sent by iPhone

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