On social networks, the success of “tik taulards”, influencer prisoners

Today I’m going to show you another one of my cell phone stashes in prison. It is with this hook that a tik tokeur, with almost half a million subscribers, begins his video. With an Instagram account titled “ cooktolard “, the mysterious tik-tokeur alternates cooking tutorials, “ lifestyle in prison and funny anecdotes for its subscribers. And he’s not the only one, prisoner influencers are multiplying on the TikTok app, facing fascinated users. Spaghetti bolognese, sushi, burgers, mille-feuilles or the ” prison asian beef stir fry challenge », the cooking tutorials for prisoners appeal to users of the platform.

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The recipes, however spartan, gather hundreds of thousands of views and seem to appeal much more than when they are wisely made by apprentice influencers at home. No framing, hardly appreciable video quality… We quickly understand that the point is not to learn how to make the famous ” chef’s burger of the “cuistotolard” but rather the curiosity to have an overview of his daily life in the cell.

If he is not the only one to make cooking tutorials in prison, the masked cook “ cooktolard (pseudonym) untiktolard » on TikTok and « cooktolard on Instagram) has fun recreating well-known recipes, like the ” mc fleury » or even « Tacos “, and even gave in to the trend of filming himself while tasting his dish. Sunglasses, black cap and mask, the influencer favors anonymity, unlike other of his colleagues who do not hesitate to film themselves and their fellow prisoners in the depths of their cells.

Zonzon tips

But cooking isn’t the only thing influencers behind bars have. We can observe in many of them a certain sagacity, especially when it comes to revealing their daily tricks. ” Phone prices in jail “Can we discover in the title of a video:” Gstar (miniphone) 100e, (…) iPhone X 700e and iPhone 12 mini 1000e “lists the tik tokeur” latauleoulepacto “, accumulating no less than 2.3 million views for his priced tik tok. Behind him, ” laRueSchool breaks records with an ingenious tutorial where he and his roommate explain how they manage to deliver multi-fruit juice using a yoyo wire to their comrades in the adjoining cell.

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With nearly 10 million views, the tik toker has since been released, unlike “ cooktolard which nevertheless continues to fascinate the crowds by varying the concepts: I made a swimming pool in a cell, I cut the cover of my bed and here is the result », « the biggest criminals i have met in prison Part 1 ” or ” today i will show you the jail cell phone jammers “.

Prisoners’ wives

If his subscribers are suspicious in comments, in particular by arguing that the influencer may not be in prison, “ cooktolard “does not hesitate to prove his statements by organizing a” room tour from his cell or by showing the practical hiding places to hide his telephone. Cleverly, the influencer even comes to be wary of his penitentiary supervisors at Réau prison, where the latter is allegedly imprisoned there for robbery, and has fun trapping them by posting fake videos of hiding places in order to check whether these latter do not watch his TikToks.

And if TikTok users grow tired of their favorite prisoners, they can simply check out the hashtag #womenofinmates for another look at incarceration, this time from the perspective of their companions. . Among tik tokeuses, enticing titles: “ When my husband tells me put on a skirt in the visiting room LOL », « clean linen tutorials for my husband ” and even ” When he says to you “you can make me get that in please it’s the size of a dragibus don’t worry you don’t risk anything “. A gratin anthology in short.

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On social networks, the success of “tik taulards”, influencer prisoners

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