New: The RED BOX Fiber at the same price as ADSL and on sale at €19 with the first month free at RED by SFR

The supplier RED by SFR has just made changes to its non-binding Internet offers and is launching new promotions. Fiber and ADSL are now at the same price and on sale at only €19 per month for one year. In addition to this mini price, RED offers you the first month as well as a telephone option. We tell you all about these new promotions valid until November 14 included!

The Fiber Internet BOX at the price of ADSL and on sale at only €19 at RED by SFR

The supplier RED by SFR has just changed the price of its RED BOX Fiber offer. This one always without commitment of duration is proposed at the same price as ADSL, namely €19 per month. This promotional rate is applied for a period of 12 months. After a year, the BOX THD or Fiber from the supplier RED by SFR goes back to the price of €29 per month. In addition to this minimum price, this non-binding internet offer take advantage of a free month as well as the unlimited calls option to mobiles normally billed at €5 per month. These new good deals RED BOX are valid as part of a new subscription until November 14 inclusive.

If you are not eligible for Fiber or THD from SFR, you can take advantage of theADSL at €19 for one year then €29 with the first month free as a bonus and the telephone option calls to unlimited mobiles included. The rental of the box with Wifi 5 is included in Fibre/THD or ADSL. The activation fee is €39 and the cancellation fee is €49 if you are not completely satisfied.

What services are included with the RED BOX?

With the RED BOX without commitment in promotion at 19€ per monthyou will have a high-speed, very high-speed or fiber Internet connection subject to technical eligibility as well as a telephone line and free TV via the RED TV app or as an option with the Connect TV decoder (€29 for purchase against €60). The RED BOX offers Wifi 5 at no additional cost or Wifi 6 as an option at €7 per month. Regarding the installation, the intervention of a technician may be necessary to finalize the connection of your home. This intervention is free and includes the installation of the socket and the supply of internet equipment.

To go into detail, the RED BOX includes:

  • A 500 Mb/s Fiber Internet connection for downloading and uploading or in THD up to 500Mb/s for downloading and 50Mb/s for uploading in THD
  • 10GB of cloud storage included
  • A landline with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and overseas departments and to landlines in 100 countries
  • Access to 35 channels via the RED TV application free of charge or via the Connect decoder (29€ for purchase)
  • TV option 100 channels at €3 per month via the RED TV app or with Connect TV decoder (€29 against €60 for purchase)

Know that by opting for Wifi option 6 to 7€ per monththe Fiber or THD connection speed will be faster with up to 1Gbs in download and 700 Mb/s in transmission via Fiber or in THD up to 1Gb/s in download and 100Mb/s in transmission in THD.


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New: The RED BOX Fiber at the same price as ADSL and on sale at €19 with the first month free at RED by SFR

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