New smartphone: what to do with the old one?

Thousands of cell phones, now belonging to antiquity, haunt our drawers. For many, there is no question of getting rid of an old smartphone, and many prefer to let an old model wither in the back of a closet rather than give it a second life. However, there are many ways to allow these devices that have accompanied us for years to be useful again. Have you just received a state-of-the-art smartphone? SFR News gives you some clues so that you do not abandon the previous one to its sad fate.

Unless you’ve gotten into smartphone collecting, there aren’t many good reasons to keep all your old cell phones. So here are some tips to avoid continuing to enlarge your graveyard of old-time phones.

Resell your smartphone by taking advantage of the SFR Mobile Recovery

Did you know that with the Reprise mobile SFR, it is possible to return your old mobile device and thus benefit from a discount, online or in store, for the purchase of a new smartphone? These days, there are no small savings, you will agree. Especially since, if you already have a new phone and you do not plan to change it soon, the sum can also land directly in your bank account. Go here to discover the procedure and the many advantages of this service.

Give your old smartphone a new use

If the first mobile phones only allowed us to make and receive calls, to exchange SMS or to play Snake, the recent generations are real small laptops. A smartphone can therefore have several lives. Depending on its condition, you can very easily convert it back and use it for something else. Here are some suggestions.

Turn your smartphone into a camera or camcorder

Sometimes, you prefer not to take your precious, brand new, beautiful smartphone everywhere. On a boat, at the beach, or on the ski slopes, one can fear unfortunate incidents. So why not use your old model for these special circumstances? Then all you have to do is transfer the captured memories from one device to another.

Your old phone can become a portable console or an e-reader

On long trips, time sometimes passes very slowly. So why not use your old phone to kill the boredom without draining the battery of your latest model? Games, books, movies, and even music: your good old device is certainly chock full of little treasures just waiting to be (re)discovered, and it’s not complicated to add new content to it. entertaining.

Turn your smartphone into a GPS

We sometimes forget it, but GPS can work without access to the mobile network, like those we used before our smartphones replaced them. However, there is a trick to know, if you want to use your old smartphone as a GPS: you must use an application that works offline (this is particularly the case with Google Maps) and do not forget to update maps and download via wifi those that may be necessary before leaving on the road again.

Your old smartphone can become an external hard drive

If your old mobile device was the beefy kind in terms of internal memory, then you can use it to store large files if you don’t have an external hard drive handy. In an emergency, this troubleshooting solution can be very useful.

Recycle your old smartphone

If you have smartphones in the back of your drawers to which the aforementioned solutions cannot be applied, it is possible that these are no longer of much use. But if you think they’re good for scrap, there’s no question of getting rid of them anyhow! The components can be recycled, and your old device has no place in a bin whose contents are not intended for recycling. The battery, for example, should not be thrown away. To ensure that your old mobile does not become a source of pollution, it is best to drop it off at a collection point that handles the recycling and depollution of electronic devices. To find out more and find where to leave your old mobile, go to the site

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New smartphone: what to do with the old one?

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