Netflix Geeked Week: Resident Evil, Cyberpunk, One Piece, Sandman, games… geek culture in force

Netflix organized its second Geeked Week this Wednesday. The opportunity to find out what will happen on the video streaming platform in the coming weeks. And in particular the anime adaptation of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game has unveiled its first images.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners // Source: CD PROJEKT RED

Since Monday, June 6, it’s pop culture celebration on netflix and not only. The SVoD service is organizing the second edition of its Geeked Week until June 10. Each day has its own theme, its share of series, films and games to discover. Netflix promised the announcement of more than 60 projects.

If the 4th season of Umbrella Academy coming this month has been talked about a lot, video game fans will not be disappointed with many adaptations that have shown their first images.

Netflix loves video games

The game received as much criticism as applause. The futuristic universe of Cyberpunk 2077 makes its appearance on Netflix next September through an anime adaptation. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners features David and Lucy in a futuristic city where technology and body modifications have become an obsession. Street children, they became mercenary outlaws (Edgerunners) or Cyberpunk.

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But cyberpunk is not the only game to be adapted on Netflix. The first Geeked Week had already been full of announcements last year (Arcane, DOTA and The Witcher in mind) and we know that the Reed Hastings platform has many projects in mind, including series from Assassin’s Creed, Devil May Cry Where Sonic, movies about Splinter Cell Where tomb RaiderAnd much more.

You will also have to rely on resident Evil which arrives on July 14 in a new version inspired by Capcom’s game. In New Racoon City, a company named Umbrella Corp. wants to redeem an image while a T virus spreads in the population gradually changed into monsters and zombies. But a group of resistance fighters organizes to save the city.

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Cult animated series of the 1980s, Masters of the Universe gets a second life with this return to Eternia led by director Kevin Smith and all his stars. After a first part Revelation in two parts, already available on Netflix, Geeked Week was the opportunity to discover a visual for the sequel: Revolution.

masters of the universe revolution poster
The Masters of the Universe Revolution arrives on Netflix // Source: Netflix

If you liked Arcaneanime from the universe of League of Legendsyou will be able to add one of the characters in Netflix profile while waiting to see the new season and especially the documentary on the creation of this project designed with the French from the Fortiche studio.

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Fan of manga and pop culture, One Piece showed a preview of his live-action version of the Straw Hat saga. Luffy and his crew are approaching, but with no release date yet.

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DC Comic fan, a new hero is coming: Sandman. Tom Sturridge embodies this sandman who returns on August 5 for 10 episodes. Your dreams and your nightmares intertwine in the footsteps of Dream, held prisoner for a century. He manages to break free to try to fix his mistakes between different worlds and different times. Faced with new allies and enemies, he tries to restore order.

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The 1980s are popular

Remember the Addams Family and their disturbing daughter? Wednesday has its own series signed Tim Burton obviously. The eccentric director offers Netflix an original program… truly original around the little girl who has become an even more gothic teenager. She especially turns into an investigator after a mysterious murder that could be linked to her family. We find Catherine Zeta-Jones or Luis Guzman in the cast.

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The 1980s were definitely popular and ghostbusters will be the subject of a Netflix series, carried by Jason Reitman, the son of the late Ivan, original director of Ghostbusters. It is already to him that we owe the last part Ghostbusters: Afterlife which brought together the casts of the saga.

A brand new GHOSTBUSTERS animated series is on the way! @JasonReitman and @gilkenanthe minds behind Ghostbusters: Afterlife, will be leading the project which will debut on Netflix, in partnership with Sony Pictures Animation. #GeekedWeek

—Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) June 8, 2022

And also…

If you like to scare yourself, you’ll be delighted. Guillermo Del Toro, Oscar-winning director for the shape of water, announces its Cabinet of Curiosities, a frightening series in eight episodes around our fears. Scary and dark at will with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in Harry Potter) or Crispin Glover (George McFly, Marty’s father in Back to the future). Coming in 2022.

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Other series are announced for an additional season like Locke & Key who returns for a 3rd and final season at the Key House, sweettooth back just like Destiny: The Winx Saga (in real shots) or even the boosted series Warrior Nun which is also entitled to its second season. Opening of the very first Geeked Week last year, Shadow & Bone made his comeback to unveil the arrival of a new season, as well as Vikings: Valhalla, freshly arrived in recent months. If you are more into Roman history than Scandinavian, Barbarians announces its season 2.

Thursday is dedicated to Stranger Things whose the first installment of season 4 is broadcast since the end of May. The second part is scheduled for July. See you at 6 p.m. on the channel Netflix YouTube in particular to have new information on the series. The final day, Friday, will revolve around announcements on Netflix Games.

netflix geeked week program
Source: Netflix

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Netflix Geeked Week: Resident Evil, Cyberpunk, One Piece, Sandman, games… geek culture in force

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