Need to reset your phone: how to do it?

Formatting, resetting… These words can be scary for users who do not know how to reset their smartphone in peace. Indeed, our mobiles contain a lot of personal and important data. Improper handling can permanently delete all of this information. To avoid this risk, read our complete guide to reset your smartphone safely.

Loss of data, dangerous handling, blocking access to your phone… Resetting your smartphone can cause many users to worry. While understandable, this step is much easier than it looks. Manufacturers are important in the market and there is no universal method to achieve its reset. This will vary depending on the brand of his mobile. Why reset your phone? What are the risks ? But above all, what are the steps to follow? All our advice to accompany you and carry out your reset with complete peace of mind.

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Reset your smartphone: in what situation?

Resetting your phone is like restoring the original settings by erasing all saved data. Thus, the consumer finds his device in the state in which it was when purchased. Everything is reset.

Several types of formatting are available:

  • The most common is the factory settings restore, mentioned earlier, which deletes all data;
  • A partial reset, deleting settings, caches and user data without touching personal documents saved on the phone;
  • Rarer but also available, an “on demand” reset. In this case, the user selects which information to delete and which to save.

It is legitimate to wonder in which situation it is better to reset your smartphone. Indeed, losing all of its applications; contacts; photos or his messages would not come to mind spontaneously. However, this manipulation can be very advantageous in several situations. First of all, it allows you to update your smartphone when it is subject to bugs or slowdowns. This cleaning from the inside will also allow him to relieve himself of several useless or malicious programs.

It is advisable to reset your mobile in the following situations:

  • The phone has slowdowns or bugs;
  • You wish to resell it and delete all of your personal data;
  • To clean it of any viruses or malware;
  • If an update is not agreed to by you;
  • In order to carry out a spring cleaning in his smartphone;
  • When you pick up a second-hand phone.

Please note that resetting a smartphone is final. There is no going back. Before proceeding to this step, it is necessary to ensure the data that is deleted but also to have the correct handling.


In order to avoid any unfortunate losses, do not hesitate to make a backup of your smartphone on another medium before proceeding with the reset. For this, you can rely on a computer, the cloud, a hard drive or even a USB key. So if you erase data you needed, it will still be at your fingertips on another device.

How do I reset my phone?

Depending on the brand but also the age of your smartphone, the reset procedures will not be identical. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or other Android devices, find out how to complete your reset.

  • Reset my iPhone
  1. Go to the settings;
  2. Click on “General”;
  3. Tap “Transfer or Reset”;
  4. Validate your selection by selecting “Erase content and settings”.

Your smartphone will proceed to its formatting automatically.

  • Reset my Android smartphone

Regardless of the brand of your phone, the process remains the same:

  1. Head into the settings;
  2. Select “Manage”, “Restore” or “Format” (varies by smartphone);
  3. Click and validate “Reset”, “Erase data” or “Restore factory settings” (varies by smartphone).

In some cases, after this step, you will be able to choose the data you want to format.

  • reset my samsung phone

On the Samsung side, three solutions are available: via the mobile settings, using the buttons on the device or even with the “Find my mobile” service.

Reset via Settings

  1. Go to your settings;
  2. Choose the “Global management” section;
  3. Click on “Reset”;
  4. Check “Reset all data”;
  5. Validate by clicking on “Reset”.

Reset with buttons

  1. Turn off your smartphone;
  2. Simultaneously press the standby button and the volume button;
  3. A parameter screen will appear;
  4. Go, using the volume button, to the option “Wipe date / factory reset”;
  5. Confirm your selection with the on/off key;
  6. Your mobile will turn on reset.

Reset with “Find my mobile”

This service is initially used to locate, manage and lock your smartphone remotely. This is very practical, especially in the event of theft or loss. To reset your phone via this application, there are a few prerequisites:

  • Whether your device is connected to the internet and a Samsung account;
  • That the remote control settings are enabled.
  1. Open the “Find my mobile” site;
  2. Log in to your Samsung account using your username and password;
  3. Choose the device to reset;
  4. Select “Clear data”;
  5. Confirm by clicking “Delete”.

Once these manipulations have been carried out, your smartphone will be completely reset.

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Need to reset your phone: how to do it?

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