Music from the NRJ Mobile ad: totally worth it

NRJ Mobile honors Generation Z in its new marketing campaign through two advertising films. The music used for the commercial is the song by artist Lewis OfMan titled “Boom-Boom”.

ad NRJ 2023

NRJ Mobile ads: totally worth it

The operator’s new advertising campaign NRJ-Mobile was entrusted to the Romance agency. It depicts the daily life of those who are now called “digital natives”. This new generation that was born in the age of the Internet and lives to the rhythm of social networks. The campaign is divided into two films that perfectly combine humor and derision to show the importance of virtual life in the daily lives of young people. NRJ Mobile, which is now owned by Bouygues Telecom, which is still claiming its leading positionhighlights its offers for this ultra-connected generation.

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Music from the NRJ Mobile ad: totally worth it

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