Morbius: the film will be released in the cinema thanks to the mockery of the Internet

Morbius is back in theaters, resurrected by a wave of movie memes.

The irony will have wanted that the last super-heroic film (or super-villain, we do not know anymore) of sony, Morbius, arrives on April 1st at the cinema. Lending to some mockery about its improbable release date, the whole project became – before and after this release – the target of many ridicule. The adaptation after Venom, of a new Spider-Man antagonist was intended to reinforce Sony’s promise to develop a dark and sinister universe.

Bet that did not start winning the minute it was announced that it was the vampire Morbius, more than a minor enemy of the spider-man, who was going to be brought to the screen. At the same time, Jared Leto promoted the film with familiar rantings. Jared Leto and his famous method acting made people laugh a lot, and were often criticized and derided. All this to arrive at the result that we could see on the big screen and which was a bitter failure for Sony.

Jared Leto learning that Joaquin Phoenix will play Morbius in his place

Well below expected revenue, Morbius received mostly negative feedback, potentially calling into question the character’s existence in Sony’s plans for the future. The vampire was then heading perhaps towards the same disastrous fate of the Joker embodied by Jared Leto, yet just as involved at the time too, with his infallible method acting.

However, it was without counting on the vagaries of the Internet and its ability to create success where no one expected it. New hope was born for Sony when the numerous taunts around his film have become popularized in the form of memes. Internet users have indeed set themselves a challenge: to pretend to have seen a much better film than the one that actually came out, by inventing false scenes or replicas.

For example, the punchline “It’s Morbin Time” has become its most recurring meme.. Being widely used and integrated into various contexts, it embodies the general spirit of this appropriation of the phenomenon by Internet communities.

Morbius: missing image 2Will the Sinister Six be saved by morbin time?

Not caring that people talk about their film badly (since it’s always better than being totally ignored by the public), Sony has therefore decided to seize the Internet phenomenon. Yes, any publicity (especially on this scale) is good to take. Thanks to the huge social media bashing, paradoxically, Morbius will thus resuscitate on the screens.

comic book reported thata return to the cinema in the United States is now planned for the film, in more than 1,000 theaters from June 3. The joke will have grown enough to give a second wind to the feature film, despite its mediocre results at the box office.

It’s no wonder to see studios regain confidence in their project in the face of what should be seen as widespread mockery of it. By relying on memes, each company can now count on a collective imagination (although a parody) to design its sequel and make it more attractive. This false complicity with detractors could therefore be Sony’s best opportunity to formalize a Morbius 2and go up in top trend.

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Morbius: the film will be released in the cinema thanks to the mockery of the Internet

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