Mocked by Samsung in an ad, the iPhone still hurts its competitor

Samsung takes advantage of the Football World Cup to launch an advertising spot highlighting its folding smartphones. The Korean manufacturer takes the opportunity to tackle Apple, which still does not offer this type of product.

It was on the social network Weibo that Samsung published a new fifteen-second advertisement that ridicules smartphones that do not bend. The opportunity for the brand to make fun of its number one competitor, who nevertheless hurt him very badly on the ground.

Samsung once again tackles Apple in an ad

For Samsung, attacking Apple has become an axis of communication in its own right. Each year, the Korean manufacturer has two highlights around its smartphones: the month of February which corresponds to the launch of the new Galaxy S, and the month of August which is that of its folding smartphones (formerly, the Galaxy Note). But another major telephony event happens every year in September: the presentation of the new iPhones. A highlight for Apple, which then occupies the media space.

This is usually when Samsung begins its anti-Apple communication campaign. This year, we had the right, just after the presentation of the iPhone 14, to a tweet mocking the fact that its competitor doesn’t offer folding phones. A few days later, Samsung launched an extensive poster campaign in the United States to mock the new main camera module of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Last November, it was through an advertising video that the Korean brand made fun of its competitor by presenting fans desperately waiting the arrival of a folding smartphone at Apple. Samsung’s new video takes advantage of the World Cup event to portray its Galaxy Z Flip 4 as spectators giving a wave. Unfortunately, phones that don’t fold can’t:

iPhone sales continue to hurt Samsung badly

Yes, Samsung is still the world leader in smartphones, with a comfortable lead over its follower, Apple. However, the American brand outrageously dominates the competition when it comes to selling high-end smartphones (those with the most margins). Samsung knows this and is going all out on its folding smartphones in order to use its technological lead to gain market share.

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After registering a record number of shipments around the world in the third quarter of 2022, folding smartphones are declining at the end of the year, as reported the latest data analysts from “Display Supply Chain Consulting”. Indeed, after claiming 85% market share in the folding smartphone segment in the third quarter, shipments of Samsung folding smartphones are down 50% in the fourth quarter of 2022 (compared to the previous quarter).

In question, the American market, still fond of Apple products. The absence of major new releases for Samsung coincides with the launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, as DSCC recalls in its report:

“If we look at the regional segmentation, it becomes pretty clear that the US market was the problem for Samsung in Q4 2022. This happens right after the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro with their improved cameras and the Dynamic Island. While the United States accounted for a 29% share of Samsung’s foldable smartphone production in 2021 and a 29% share in Q3 2022, it dropped to just 7% in Q4 2022.

A hard cost for Samsung which nevertheless remains largely the leader in folding. While waiting for Apple to decide to join this market, the Chinese competition is getting organized to counter the Korean giant. We will cite for example Oppo which will offer its Find N2 Flip in France from the first quarter of 2023.

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Mocked by Samsung in an ad, the iPhone still hurts its competitor

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