Mobile plans with telephone: operators finally spared – Challenges

“It has turned a little into the discussion of a carpet merchant”, recognizes the senator of Republicans Patrick Chaize. The amendment of purchasing power lawvoted on August 3, which provided for a reduction in the termination costs of bundled telephone packages – these offers combining the acquisition of a telephone and subscription – will have torn the parliamentarians, until arriving at a compromise which does not seem to enthuse anyone.

The text initially planned to remove for all packages of more than twelve months the termination fees provided for up to 25% of the second year of subscription. But very quickly, the discussion focused on the bundled offers. Should the fees on these so-called subsidized packages be removed? Maintain them at 25%? Reduce them to 15%? Finally, the mixed parity committee agreed to set these fees at 20% of the fees for the second year, a reduction of only five points compared to the current fees. What largely spare the incumbent operators, who had expressed to parliamentarians their concerns for profitability of these offers. Free, opposed to these bundled offers, and consumer associations sigh.

A reduction in termination fees of 27 euros for an SFR package with Iphone

Subscription offers for more than a year not associated with the acquisition of a terminal are certainly still affected by the total abolition of fees. But they constitute a “significantly less frequent pattern” over such a long period of commitment, according to Antoine Autier, head of the studies department at UFC-Que Choisir, which does not, however, provide more precise data on the subject. The reduction in termination fees on bundled offers is low in the final version of the law, continues the one who considers himself “disappointed”.

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Mobile plans with telephone: operators finally spared – Challenges

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