Mobile plan: what are the best plans with or without commitment?

The choice in terms of mobile plans is particularly wide in France today: the incumbent operators SFR, Orange, Free Mobile and Bouygues Télécom work alongside virtual operators, including Prixtel, Auchan Télécom and Cdiscount Mobile. These different players in mobile telephony are in healthy competition, by offering either non-binding packages or packages with a commitment, in 4G or 5G. Depending on your needs, you can turn to one or other of these proposals: here are the operators to favor in your research, to be sure to benefit from a quality service.

Our selection of the best mobile plans with or without commitment

Prixtel, the king of the adjustable plan


Pricetel is a French mobile phone operator that has existed since 2004. First intended for professionals, it arrived on the private market in 2008 with the first adjustable plan. Gradually, Prixtel has firmly established itself in the sector thanks to a unique offer: those of packages without commitment at a flexible monthly rate; and many innovations: 1st non-binding plan in May 2010, 1st unlimited plan in May 2011… When you subscribe to one of Prixtel’s plans, you are guaranteed to only pay for the amount of data you use each month: each package has three progressive levels. In addition, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are included in all offers.

Prixtel’s non-binding packages are available in 4G/4G+. However, some packages give access to a 5G option, which can be subscribed to if necessary. Prixtel thus allows you to fully control your mobile plan budget. In addition, the operator is responsible for offsetting the CO2 emissions of its packages and its various activities, in particular by planting trees in French forests. This means that by choosing a package from Prixtel, you are at the same time doing something for the environment. And it doesn’t cost you more! Finally, Prixtel uses the SFR mobile network to operate.

Discover the Prixtel mobile plans here

Free Mobile, the troublemaker of the Net

If mobile plans without commitment are now also present in France, it is largely because Free Mobile came to disrupt the market in 2012. At the time, plans with commitment were largely dominant (except at Prixtel) , but by launching different mobile plans in the heart of a market where this offer was almost non-existent, Free Mobile has proven that this offer could exist. The operator has never changed its position on this subject and its catalog of packages is the same today. Services have been expanded.

In addition, Free Mobile is directly attached to ISP Free, which is why its Internet customers benefit from reductions on its various mobile plans. Mobile offers are always non-binding at Free Mobile, while its Internet boxes require a year’s commitment in most cases.

Discover the Free Mobile mobile plans here

Auchan Telecom, the retail operator

Auchan Telecom is an MVNO: it is a virtual operator that uses the mobile network of an incumbent operator to operate. It has existed since 2005 and passed through different hands before becoming the property of Bouygues Télécom in 2021. It is therefore logical that Auchan Télécom uses the Bouygues Télécom network for its various mobile plans. This operator focuses mainly on a non-binding offer, and all of its packages are Web exclusives. This means that it is not possible to subscribe to it in an Auchan store or in a Bouygues Telecom store.

However, it happens that Auchan Telecom offers packages with commitment: in this kind of situation, the offer is accompanied by a smartphone, refurbished or not. These are often temporary promotional operations, accessible for a few weeks with a package that also exists without any commitment.

Discover the Auchan Telecom mobile plans here

Cdiscount Mobile, a variable promotion

Cdiscount Mobile is the mobile plans offered by the e-tailer Cdiscount. While Cdiscount has existed since 1998, Cdiscount Mobile was launched in 2011, making it a relatively recent player on the market. Since 2021, Cdiscount Mobile has been an MVNO which is part of the Bouygues Telecom group: in other words, if you subscribe to a package with Cdiscount Mobile, it is this operator’s network that you are using.

This mobile phone operator focuses most of its offer on non-binding mobile plans, which change regularly according to promotions. Rates are reduced for six to twelve months, then increase, which may encourage you to change operator. Cdiscount Mobile regularly displays packages with commitment, which are systematically accompanied by a new or refurbished smartphone.

Discover the Cdiscount Mobile mobile plans here

B&You, Bouygues Telecom’s little brother

When mobile plans without commitment exploded in the early 2010s, Bouygues Télécom decided to dedicate an operator to this offer: thus B&You was born in 2011. Its proposal is simple: to offer mobile plans without commitment at affordable prices , in exchange for a service that takes place only on the Internet. Thus, B&You plans cannot be taken out in Bouygues Télécom stores, and customer service takes place via the operator’s site and application.

B&You displays a non-binding package offer that changes quite rarely. It manages to meet the needs of people who are looking for a small amount of mobile data or a very large one. However, we can regret that there is nothing between the two, except during promotional periods.

Discover the B&You mobile plans here

RED by SFR, 5G if you want it

If SFR is a large French operator which mainly focuses on packages with commitment, RED by SFR, for its part, relies exclusively on the non-binding. This makes it a complementary proposal from its parent company, and this allows, in passing, everyone to take advantage of the offer that suits them. One of the interesting points of RED by SFR is that it gives its customers the possibility of composing their “à la carte” package. So, in addition to different choices of mobile data envelope, it is possible to choose between 4G and 5G.

By default, the offer is in 4G. This means that if you want to take advantage of very high mobile speed, you have to pay a supplement. However, the amount to be paid remains affordable, which makes RED by SFR all the more attractive.

Discover the RED by SFR mobile plans here

Why choose a mobile plan with commitment?

By reflex, when you decide to change your mobile plan, the plan with commitment is not the first choice to which you generally turn. However, it can have different interests.

It is ideal for changing smartphones

The vast majority of packages with commitment offer the customer the option of choosing a new or refurbished smartphone at the time of subscription. When this is the case, you are sure to pay less for this smartphone: this is the principle of the mobile subsidy. As you commit to 12 or 24 months with your new operator, this one makes a gesture by applying a reduction on your new smartphone. It is, however, strongly recommended to make calculations to ensure that the operation is really profitable over such a period: it depends a lot on the price of the smartphone and the package.

In-store after-sales service

Unlike the vast majority of packages without commitment available on the French market, packages with commitment are generally offered by operators who have physical shops. This means that in the event of a problem, you can move around to communicate with a person in front of you. You also have a telephone number that allows you to easily communicate with an operator: here too, this is an option that is not always available from MVNOs. It is best to check this point before confirming your registration.

You have additional advantages

Non-binding packages often come with benefits that non-binding packages don’t have. It can be insurance against theft of your phone, an included subscription to a music service or an online press platform. Casually, these little bonuses can be expensive when sold separately, so it can help you make your commitment profitable over time.

Why choose a no-commitment mobile plan?

The no-commitment mobile plan is the most popular at the moment, and when you put its various advantages together, it’s quite easy to understand why.

A proposal synonymous with freedom

Are you no longer satisfied with your no-commitment mobile plan? A better offer is available from the competitor for a limited time? Need more mobile data? In all these situations, you have only one thing to do: select a new offer, and change operator! When you subscribe to a non-binding package, by definition, nothing is stopping you from changing it. The process is completely transparent.

You control your budget

Contrary to plans with commitment which often display high prices, even very high, mobile plans without commitment prove to be much more accessible. Customer volatility motivates operators to always look to show the best value for money to attract new users, and it works! With packages whose rates start from a few euros, it has rarely cost so little to have a generous amount of mobile data, but also unlimited calls, SMS and MMS throughout Europe. So why deprive yourself of it?

You can keep your number

For a long time, changing your mobile plan required sending a registered letter to your operator to leave it, then opening another line with a new operator, even if it meant losing your number in the process. But with the Chatel law, the process has been completely simplified! Today, you just have to call 31 79 from your smartphone to get your RIO number, in order to send it to your new operator. This takes care of everything: transfer of the telephone number, termination of your subscription with the operator you are leaving… You have nothing to do other than wait for your new SIM card. Peace of mind is yours!

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Mobile plan: what are the best plans with or without commitment?

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