Mobile plan: up to 100 GB from €9.99 on the Orange or SFR network

YouPrice is offering its Le First offer on sale until November 27. For customers looking for a maxi data package at a bargain price, the MVNO provides up to 100 GB of internet in 4G from €9.99/month. This is a non-binding offer with no duration conditions available on the SFR and Orange network.

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Mobile plan: up to 100 GB from 9.99 EUR on the Orange or SFR network
Mobile plan: up to 100 GB from €9.99 on the Orange or SFR network

On you may repeat it often: Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to subscribe to a new mobile plan. Prices are plummeting and you can get a great deal with a limited budget. Among the offers not to be missed at the moment, it is impossible for us not to tell you about the Le First limited series from YouPrice. On promotion until November 27, this offer including 80 to 100 GB of data is available from €9.99/month. Already aggressive, its price will not increase after the first year, enough to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Take advantage of this good plan

What does the Le First package from YouPrice include?

YouPrice is the new flexible operator in France. It specializes in adjustable mobile plans with no less than six offers in its catalog. The First is its flagship offer at the moment. It includes up to 100 GB with a scalable price depending on your data consumption:

– €9.99/month up to 80 GB of data consumed;

– €12.99/month up to 90 GB of data consumed;

– €14.99/month up to 100 GB of data consumed.

Even in this Black Friday period, it will be difficult to find better offers for the same budget on the market. However, YouPrice retains the same rate after one year and thus allows you to pay for your telephone subscription at the promotional price for years.

For the services included, the Le First package does not pale in comparison to competing offers. In addition to the 80 to 100 GB provided, you will benefit from:

– Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France as well as from Europe and the overseas departments (up to 200 different correspondents per month);
– Up to 16 GB of data usable from Europe and DOM;
– Various free options such as WiFi calls and SMS or 4G calls.

It is obviously possible to enrich your subscription with paid options such as 5G at €5/month or the addition of 200 additional correspondents (calls and SMS/MMS) for €7/month.

Orange network or SFR, it’s up to you!

YouPrice is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Like dozens of operators in France, it does not have antennas. To provide a mobile network to its customers, it is obliged to find one (or more) partner(s) among the traditional French operators. And on this point, YouPrice has teamed up with the best, namely Orange and SFR.

When subscribing to a YouPrice mobile plan, all you have to do is choose the network that works best in the city where you live.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the Le First package is non-binding. If at some point you find a package that better meets your needs and expectations, you can change the offer without having to wait 12 or 24 months. The subscription can be canceled at any time, without charge or justification.

If this package does not suit you, here are the other offers offered by YouPrice:

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Mobile plan: up to 100 GB from €9.99 on the Orange or SFR network

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