Mobile plan: The Top French Days promotions to fill up on data

Do you want to fill up on data at a low price? Discover in this article our selection of promotions put forward by the operators Syma Mobile, SOSH, NRJ Mobile and Free Mobile on the occasion of the French Days! From 90GB to 150GB from €8.99 per month, without commitment; you should find your happiness among these four promotional offers!

promo french days 9 5 2022

Syma Mobile: 140GB package at €9.90

Available until Wednesday, May 11, 11:59 p.m., the 140GB package is at 9.90€ per monthAnd this, no time limit !

Valid on the SFR network, this cheap package will offer you up to 140GB to surf the net from metropolitan France, including 7GB usable from abroad*. Your communications will be unlimited, whether sent from mainland France or from Europe* and the overseas departments. Note that you can also call and send your messages as you see fit from mainland France to the overseas departments thanks to this package. You can also take advantage of the “international calls” option for free.

In addition, this package gives you the possibility of subscribing to the “5G network” option to optimize your web browsing by paying an additional €5 each month.

*EU/DOM, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein

140GB package promo

Sosh: 110GB limited series at €16.99

Sosh’s 110GB limited edition is available until May 12, 9:00 a.m. At the price of €16.99 per month without duration conditionthis limited edition uses the Orange network.

By subscribing to it, you will have 110GB in metropolitan France and 15GB when traveling across Europe and the overseas departments. You will also benefit from unlimited access for all your calls, SMS and MMS sent from the European Union – DOM and Metropolitan France included. Good news if your loved ones live in the overseas departments, because this non-binding package integrates communications from the Métropole to the latter.

Sosh 110 GB package at €16.99

NRJ Mobile: 150GB package at €10.99

NRJ Mobile offers, for its part, its 150GB plan benefiting from a monthly reduction of €8 for the first year of subscription! You can thus pay the sum of €10.99 per month for one year before returning to the initial monthly rate of €18.99.

To take advantage of it and save €96 – the equivalent of a 5-month pass at the basic rate – you will have to decide before this Wednesday, May 11, midnight!

Via the Bouygues Telecom network, you will enjoy the 150GB dedicated to your internet connection from France, the 13GB provided for your connection in Europe and in the overseas departments as well as the unlimited to communicate as well from the Metropolis as from these last destinations.

promo NRj ​​Mobile plan

Free Mobile: Free series at €8.99

At the house of free mobile, which has its own network, the Free series is still available until May 17 inclusive. To €8.99 per month for the first year of subscriptionit will evolve after this period and automatically to the Free 5G package.

With the Free series, you will enjoy 90GB internet in mainland France as well as unlimited Free WiFi. You will have 8GB to stay connected when traveling across Europe and the overseas departments.

From all of the aforementioned areas, you can call and send your messages at your convenience thanks to the unlimited. More precisely from the Metropolis, you will benefit from the following conditions:

  • unlimited calls to mainland France and overseas departments, excluding Mayotte
  • Unlimited SMS to mainland France and overseas departments
  • Unlimited MMS to Metropolitan France

Free 90GB package

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Mobile plan: The Top French Days promotions to fill up on data

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