Mobile plan: RED by SFR ridicules the competition with this crazy offer

RED by SFR offers its 80 GB mobile plan at only 14 euros per month. Without condition of duration, its price does not increase after one year, and in addition, it is without commitment.

Are you tired of paying too much for your mobile plan? With the offer currently offered by RED by SFR, you will make maximum savings by considerably reducing the amount of your mobile bill. The operator is indeed launching an offer that is difficult to pass up. On its official website, it is possible to take advantage of the RED by SFR 80 GB mobile plan at 14 euros per month.

Where it is ultra advantageous is that the latter in addition to being non-binding is without condition of duration. This means that its price remains fixed, and it will not increase even after the first year. With an offer of such caliber, there is no doubt that RED by SFR risks shaking up the competition. This mobile plan includes a nice amount of internet, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

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It also allows you to benefit from impeccable network quality as well as wide population coverage. In package which has everything to seduce the general public. You won’t have to wait until the last moment since, as a reminder, the RED by SFR 80 GB package at 14 euros runs until August 22. After this time, it will be too late.

RED by SFR: an essential mobile plan

As we said earlier, the mobile plan offered by RED by SFR makes everyone agree, especially in terms of the service price ratio. With an ultra-comfortable 80 GB internet envelope, it will meet the needs of 99% of users without any problem. With so much mobile data, it will allow you to make the most of all your content without worrying about going out of plan.

Fans of films and series will be able to have a great time on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+. Those who download all day long too. Not to mention the most basic uses that do not require as many MB as browsing the internet, checking emails or social networks. In short, a mobile plan adapted to all types of use.

Remember that the RED by SFR package allows you to benefit from 80 GB of internet, 15 GB of which can be used abroad, from the European Union and the overseas departments. Of course, there are also unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, which you can use both in France and abroad – to all mobiles and landlines in mainland France and overseas departments (excluding Mayotte).

In case 80 GB seems too much, or on the contrary insufficient, know that two other packages are highlighted on the RED by SFR site. In detail, here are the other formulas of RED by SFR:

  • 5 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 1 GB of Internet and 1 GB from the EU and the overseas departments
  • 19 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 200 GB of Internet and 20 GB from the EU and the overseas departments

The advantage of these packages is that they are flexible as desired. Understand by this that you can choose additional options to customize them so that they best adapt to your needs. Concretely, RED by SFR provides two options, each billed at 5 euros / month. Regarding the first, it allows you to increase the amount of data available abroad to 20 GB – as well as to add Canada and the USA in addition to the countries of the European Union and the overseas departments available as standard.

As for the second, it gives you the possibility of transforming your 4G plan into a 5G plan, still for 5 euros more. Also, the comfort of use is optimal since these famous options are easily configurable from the free RED & Me application which allows you to manage your offer with ease.

If you have any questions or if you encounter any problem, you can easily contact the online support and make your request to the many advisers who remain at your disposal 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. In short, an ultra-complete mobile plan, customizable as you wish, and responsive and competent customer service at your service when you need it.

How to switch to RED by SFR while keeping your current number

Are you convinced by one of the plans offered by RED by SFR but are hesitant about losing your current phone number? No worries since you can keep it when migrating from your mobile plan. In fact, it’s very simple, free and only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is enter your RIO code when you subscribe.

In case you have never heard of it, the Operator Identity Statement (RIO) is your unique telecom subscriber identifier. The latter consists of 12 characters (letters or numbers). To find out which RIO code is assigned to you, you must call 3179 from your mobile phone. Then just enter it in the field provided for this purpose so that your new operator takes care of the rest.

You will have understood it, this 80 GB package at 14 euros by RED by SFR is undeniably one of the best of the moment. RED by SFR does not offer it indefinitely since it ends in just a few days. It will therefore not be necessary to wait until the last moment, since it would be a shame to miss out on such an offer.

In addition to being at a low price, the RED by SFR plan allows you to take advantage of a whole host of advantages and its telephony and internet services can be used both in France and abroad. It therefore offers optimal comfort of use and will allow you to make big savings on your next mobile bills. Finally, remember that the triple-cut SIM card, compatible with all mobiles on the market, costs 10 euros to be paid when you register.

To discover the RED by SFR mobile plan, go here:

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Mobile plan: RED by SFR ridicules the competition with this crazy offer

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