Mobile plan: Red by SFR cuts prices with a 100 GB plan at only €13 per month

News good deal Mobile plan: Red by SFR cuts prices with a 100 GB plan at only €13 per month

It’s the return of The Big Red mobile plans from Red by SFR with very tight prices and without commitment! We find in particular a package at 13 euros per month with 100 GB of Internet, or even 200 GB at only 15 € per month.

Red by SFR lowers the price of its packages without commitment!

With Red, SFR has entered the world of cheap, no-commitment mobile plans! With a first offer at €5 per month, there is something for all budgets and for all needs.

  • The biggest plan gives you access to 200 GB of internet for only €15 per month!

For this offer, which is available until May 23, SFR offers you mobile plans between 5 and 25 € per month. You can also choose a new phone for an additional cost.

Find Red by SFR packages from €5

Whatever plan you choose, you will have access to unlimited calls, sms and mms! Basically, the Internet offered is in 4G, but an option allows you, for the two highest packages, to switch to 5G directly.

For more details, here is what RED announces to us on its site:

  • Unlimited calls 7 days a week to all mobiles and landlines in mainland France and overseas departments (excluding Mayotte).
  • Calls limited to 3 hours maximum per call, cut beyond.
  • Unlimited SMS, MMS 24 hours a day to all operators in mainland France.
  • Calls, SMS/MMS limited to 200 different recipients per month.

As we can see, the restrictions are really quite low, even if we take the most reduced package. Unless you make heavy use, it even seems difficult to reach them.

With all this, you will of course benefit from the quality of the SFR mobile network.

Finally, to access mobile internet even internationally, you can use the 20 GB option from the EU, the overseas departments, but also the USA and Canada for an additional €5 per month on all packages.

  • It will replace the initial option which contains less data and which can only be used from the EU and the DOM.

All the details on the Red by SFR packages

5 GB plan

This is the first price available for this offer. You will have access to 5 GB of Internet in France as well as 6 GB from the EU/DOM.

It is available at €5 per month.

100 GB plan

We multiply by 20 the amount of internet, but the price remains minimal with only 13 € per month here!

5G is available at an additional cost of €5 per month.

International level, you will have 14 GB from the EU and the basic DOM.

200 GB plan

The capacity is doubled again, but the price only increases by 2 €! It’s the ideal option if you need a good dose of mobile internet without breaking the bank.

As before, 5G is available at an extra €5 per month.

Finally, you will have here 17 GB basic from the EU and the DOM.

Find Red by SFR packages from €5

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Mobile plan: Red by SFR cuts prices with a 100 GB plan at only €13 per month

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