Mobile plan: how to slide your bill below €5?

Make good resolutions and stop ruining yourself with your mobile plan! The virtual mobile operator (MVNO) Prixtel gives you the possibility of reducing your bill to less than 5 euros per month without imposing any major constraints on you.

In the early 2010s, when Free Mobile arrived on the market, operators cut the prices of their mobile plans. Since then, the price war has ceased and customers are the big losers. It takes on average between 15 and 30 euros per month for a standard subscription. It’s expensive, especially since operators tend to drive prices up over time.

If you absolutely do not want to pay so much for a mobile plan, you have to be a little smart. And above all, you have to be patient to find the cheapest package. At the moment, there is the MVNO Prixtel which spoils you with an extreme subscription. For less than 5 euros per month, you still have the right to a generous data envelope (40 GB).

I reduce my budget

Prixtel is an MVNO that belongs to the Altice group and has built a very special offer. Not only are its packages non-binding and its prices ultra-aggressive, but above all it offers flexibility in its offer. It makes you forget any notion of out-of-bundle by applying progressive data levels at correct rates.

Change mobile plan in 5 minutes

For a long time, operators did everything to retain their customers, more or less forcefully. The telecoms regulator has looked into it and now imposes a simplified route to change operator. In a few clicks, via online forms, you will be able to subscribe to a new mobile plan and terminate your current contract (provided that it is non-binding).

To do this, you must call 3179, a free number. It will give you access to your RIO code through an automatic voice. This code allows you to change operator, cancel your current contract and keep your phone number. If you are at Orange and want to switch to Prixtel to reduce your bill, it won’t take you 5 minutes.

Once you have that in mind, you can freely switch between carriers easily and for free. To make maximum savings, you have to turn to cheaper players like the MVNO Prixtel. Its mobile plan at less than 5 euros per month (4.99 euros to be precise) includes a data envelope that will suit a majority of French customers.

In this case, you will not only receive 40 GB in France but also 10 GB to use in the EU and the DOM. If you use Wi-Fi at home and in the office, you have almost no chance of exceeding this data envelope. And if that happened to you, Prixtel offers you security so that your mobile bill does not soar.

I reduce my budget

It is the only operator to offer data flexibility. If you use 50 GB, which is 10 GB more than the standard, it will cost you a total of 7.99 euros over the month. It is therefore 3 euros more for a substantial envelope. If you use 60 GB, it will cost you 9.99 euros. Basically, you have to see this mobile plan as a 3-in-1 subscription. Depending on your needs, you will be switched to one or the other level.

The MVNO is much more accommodating than all the other operators. The latter try to sell you packages with data envelopes that you will never be able to consume in full (over 80 GB) and which therefore cost far too much. It is useless to have a 100 GB package at 20 euros per month: almost all French people will have no use for it.

As you can see in the test of our colleagues from Presse-citron, Prixtel is convincing at all levels. Besides the fact that it is non-binding, it is also carbon neutral. It will offset all the CO2 emissions of its customers to offer carbon neutrality. It can pride itself on being the only player on the French market to be able to say the same.

What if you need more?

Clearly, this package for less than 5 euros signed Prixtel is, in our opinion, the perfect compromise. However, there are some die-hard Gauls who need more mobile data. This can be linked to heavy use of connection sharing, intense viewing of films and series, etc. So a parade is needed.

And precisely, the good alternative is also currently at Prixtel. The MVNO, for example, offers a 100 GB subscription for only 6.99 euros per month. Even bigger, the Le grand mobile plan comes with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 140 GB for 9.99 euros per month. In short, in any case, this operator will be able to bring you the package at the lowest price at the moment.

You can consult our package comparison, no other operator does as well. For example, Free Mobile offers 80 GB for 8.99 euros per month (during the first year). Another example: RED by SFR offers 80 GB for 13 euros per month. If you need a mobile plan with a large mobile data envelope, Prixtel is a good choice.

However, Prixtel does not go so far as to offer these tariffs as a common thread: it is a one-off offer and it would be a shame to miss it. Whatever mobile plan you choose, you have to decide before this Tuesday evening, May 24. Afterwards, the telecom operator will raise the price of all its subscriptions. We therefore invite you to hurry so as not to miss this opportunity to reduce your budget.

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I reduce my budget

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Mobile plan: how to slide your bill below €5?

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