Mobile plan: Enjoy 80 GB of internet for only €6.99/month

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Looking for a cheap and flexible mobile plan? Know that Pricetel has just launched a new promo on its Le grand sans engrangement package which currently costs from 6.99 euros per month and allows you to have at least 80 GB of data to take advantage of the best of the internet.

As usual, the subscriber only pays for what he consumes. Also, the MVNO has created a tariff level system to better meet everyone’s needs. If your internet consumption is below 80 GB per month, the subscription will cost you €6.99 per month for one year, then €12.99 per month. For those who consume between 80 GB and 100 GB, it is possible to subscribe to the Le grand plan for €9.99/month for 12 months, then €15.99/month. Finally, between 100 GB and 130 GB/month, you pay €12.99/month for one year, then €18.99/month.

Note that the quality of the connection is guaranteed by SFR’s excellent 4G and 4G+ coverage. When traveling abroad, particularly in other countries of the euro zone and in the overseas departments, you benefit from 20 GB to surf the Web.

Regarding the telephone service, calls are unlimited to landlines and mobiles in mainland France. The same is true for SMS and MMS. You can also call your contacts in France unlimited from EU countries and overseas departments. Ditto for SMS and MMS. In addition, Prixtel offers a call forwarding function to messaging.

Other promotions, each more interesting than the other

In addition to the promotion on the Le grand package, Prixtel is offering its Le petit and Legeant packages at a reduced price until May 17. Here’s what you need to know about these formulas:

Prixtel Le petit package

  • Up to 20 GB = €4.99 the first year then €9.99
  • Between 20 and 30 GB = €7.99 the first year then €12.99
  • Between 30 and 40 GB = €9.99 the first year then €14.99

Prixtel package The Giant

  • Up to 140 GB = €9.99 the first year then €15.99
  • Between 140 and 170 GB = €12.99 the first year then €18.99
  • Between 170 and 200 GB = €15.99 the first year then €21.99

It should be noted that with the Le Géant plan, you can benefit from a 5G connection speed for an additional €5 per month. It is therefore a paid option.

For these two subscription formulas, the telephone services are identical to those of the Le grand plan. Free options include the ability to block premium rate numbers as well as multimedia subscriptions. The operator also offers a visual messaging service for iPhone users as well as WiFi calling.

Here are the current promotions at Prixtel:

What you must remember

  • – The Prixtel Le grand 80 GB package is €6.99/month for one year until May 17, 2022
    – This is a flexible plan since the subscriber only pays for what he uses
    – No time commitment required
    Find out more about Prixtel

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Mobile plan: Enjoy 80 GB of internet for only €6.99/month

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