Mobile application market: 10 key figures to know in 2023

Find out how the market for mobile applications is changing around the world: downloads, expenditure, usage, etc.

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According to data from, here are the 10 most downloaded apps in the world in 2022. ©

Like every year, (formerly App Annie) unveils the results of its Annual Report in the mobile market worldwide: more than 100 million data items analyzed in more than 30 countries. We take stock of the year 2022!

10 key figures on the mobile applications market

Among the key figures to remember for the year 2022:

  • 255 billion new app downloads over the year (+11%*),
  • 111.11 billion new downloads in China (number 1),
  • 2.13 billion new downloads in France (number 18),
  • 485,000 new app downloads per minute,
  • $167 billion spent in app stores (-2%),
  • 5 hours spent daily per user (+3%),
  • $336 billion spent on ads (+14%),
  • $110 billion spent by gamers,
  • $318,000 spent on average per minute,
  • 4.1 trillion hours spent on mobile apps worldwide (+9%),

*This is the annual comparison between 2022 and 2021 (YoY).

Key figures for the mobile market in the world for the year 2022. ©
The evolution of the number of downloads by country over 2020, 2021, 2022.

The most downloaded applications in the world

You will find below 3 rankings: the most downloaded applications in the world, the applications where consumers spend the most, and the applications with the most active users per month.

What you must remember :

  • In the top 3 of the most downloaded applications in the world, there are 3 social media applications: Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.
  • TikTok, YouTube and Tinder are the top consumer spending apps in the world,
  • The Meta group dominates in terms of active users and takes the 3 places on the podium: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.
3 worldwide rankings: downloads, consumer spending and monthly active users. ©

The most downloaded applications in France also provides us with data for France. In 2022, the 3 most downloaded applications are: WhatsApp, TikTok and Doctolib. In 2021, the top 3 were as follows: TousAntiCovid, WhatsApp and TikTok.

What you must remember :

  • WhatsApp is the most downloaded application in France and the one with the most active users per month,
  • Telegram, Lidl Plus, CapCut and Waze enter the top 10 most downloaded applications this year,
  • Tiktok, Deezer and Disney+ are the applications that generate the most spending by French consumers.
3 rankings in France: downloads, consumer spending and active users per month. ©

The most used apps in France by age also highlights the differences in the use of applications according to age groups. Here are the apps with the most monthly active users by generation:

  • For 18-24 year olds: Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix
  • For 25-44 year olds: WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger
  • For those aged 45 and over: TousAntiCovid, Waze, MaBanque (Credit Agricole)

First observation: no common application in the top 3 of these 3 age groups, which means that the uses differ according to the generations. For example, 18-24 year olds do not use the same social media applications to communicate as 25-44 year olds. If the youngest will prefer Instagram and Snapchat, the others will rather turn to WhatsApp or Facebook. And those 45 and over? No social media application in their top 5, they will rather use service applications: health, bank, supermarket, etc.

The most used applications according to age groups in France. ©

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Mobile application market: 10 key figures to know in 2023

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