Miscellaneous – Weapons, suicide, motive … What we know the day after the murder in Saint-Valérien

At numbers 13 and 14 the shutters have been closed and the curtains drawn. Tape “National Gendarmerie, forbidden zone”, seals the wooden gate. It is in this small adjoining pavilion, of the Oasis subdivision in Saint-Valérien, that the victim and his alleged murderer lived. Friday June 4, 2022, between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., Gilbert Deloge was shot dead in front of his home. His neighbor, a sixty-year-old, allegedly shot him with a gun, before retreating to his home. In the afternoon, the GIGN soldiers overpowered the suspect, who was taken care of by the emergency services. According to our information, he would have tried to commit suicide. His state of health is not known at this time.

From what I saw, there were no submachine guns, but rather old weapons… And a few rifles and shotguns. Most can have their place in a museum, even if some of these weapons must be lethal…

Also according to our information, about fifty weapons were found at his home. “The deminers of Versailles passed this morning”, notes a resident of the district, met this Saturday, June 4, in the morning. The mayor of the commune Jérôme Cordier supposes that it is rather a question of a “collector. Yes, there were weapons and yes, there were many of them. I think he was someone who liked weapons and restore. From what I saw, there were no machine pistols, but rather old weapons. And a few rifles and shotguns. Most can belong in a museum, although some of these weapons must be lethal”.

Shooting in Saint-Valérien: according to the mayor, the man entrenched in his house in the Oasis district would have killed his neighbor

His brother would have committed suicide the same day

Residents were unaware of their neighbor’s arsenal, described as a “lonely”, “withdrawn” and “remote” person. The Oasis subdivision was built in the 1960s to accommodate the harkis, after the Algerian war. “There are only a few families left today,” say the residents. The victim, Gilbert Deloge, had lived here with his wife for ten years. And the alleged murderer, for over thirty years. The latter lived with at least one of his brothers. According to our information, one of the brothers of the respondent, who lived in the neighboring town of Brannay, committed suicide yesterday, between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., and set his house on fire. Why ? “That’s the big question,” sighs the mayor of Saint-Valérien.

Homicide in Saint-Valérien: the alleged shooter was neutralized and arrested by the GIGN gendarmes

On the morning of the incident, Gilbert Deloge, aged around sixty, was walking around the block, as he does every day. According to the testimonies, he was walking up the street in the direction of his pavilion when his neighbor allegedly shot him. Four explosions were heard. “I saw him fall to the ground, and his leg moved. Then the author fired a second time,” said a neighbor. After the shooting, the victim’s wife and a nurse took refuge with a neighbour. The public prosecutor of Auxerre Hugues de Phily had indicated, Friday evening June 3 during a press conference, that the alleged murderer had shot at the wife, but without injuring her.

“Stop Please !”

None of the residents interviewed heard any argument between the two men that morning. The motive for the murder is currently unknown. “I just heard the victim say to him: ‘Stop, please!’ He was trying to reason with him,” said another resident. “But there was no tension between them as far as we know,” they all observe. “Maybe he freaked out and his neighbor was at the wrong time, in the wrong place.”

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Miscellaneous – Weapons, suicide, motive … What we know the day after the murder in Saint-Valérien

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