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Facebook become Meta communicates on a dystopia: the post-Internet!

If Facebook is busy imposing its new name “Meta” – a not insignificant stain in terms of the notoriety of its brand: making Facebook “forget” is not going to be an easy task and what is more it is not done without social damage… However, this break indicates the firm’s desire for a break with a highly strategic dimension, Facebook is in a phase of running out of steam, “lives” on a quantity of users who will be very difficult to renew, it is for the firm to survive and regain control.

Many Metavers existing or in development, the sinews of war for a post-internet: social acceptance, accessibility, and interoperability.

As a reminder, a Metaverse or Metavers: is a portmanteau composed of Meta and Universe: a network of immersive and interactive virtual worlds. The metaverse is a term used to refer to a hypothetical universe independent of our own, where digital objects, people and networks exist. Metaverses already exist, besides “ HorizonWorld “Facebook’s Metaverse, considered a “failed” shift to the Metaverse, and for good reason: since its renaming ” the company lost 70% of its stock market value, while having invested more than 20 billion in its metaverse project“. Most of these meta-universes first appeared in gaming, to name a few of the best known: Second Life Decentraland, Fortnite…. Today, in addition to video game companies following the movement Metaversian as EpicGames, and Roblox, Microsoft, which has launched an “enterprise Metaverse“Sony… Tencentthe Chinese social media and video game giant has for its part created its own Metavers division … From 2021 lanother Chinese giant Alibaba registered three brands to position itself : “Ali Metaverse », « Taobao Metaverse and “DingDing Metaverse”, Baidu, the Chinese google offers him ” Xi Rank “, if this Metaverse is still in its infancy, its ultimate goal is to “become” a space similar to the Oasis of the film Ready Player Oneand to offer its users areas for work, games, education….


More “traditional” companies are also beginning to take an interest in it and take the plunge, such as work organization companies such as VR Education, Branch and Gathe, up to brands such as Carrefour, Nike, Warner Music Group… Carrefour conducts job interviews in the metaverse, Nike has opened a space to sell virtual shoesmusic label Warner Music Group has partnered with online gaming The Sandbox in order to offer immersive experiences: Baptized Warner Music Group LAND », it offers, among other things, concerts and musical experiences while featuring artists from the label » … Through all the achievements stated, it is an indisputable fact, a constellation of Metavers is being born like so many stars to date unconnected! I use the metaphor of the constellation insofar as a constellation is a ” group of neighboring stars on the celestial sphere, presenting a determined conventional figure, to which a particular name has been given » ; to date and regarding Metavers without interoperability, there is no thoughtful figure, only technologically impressive initiatives here and there, but isolated in cyberspace. But the post-internet will not be without the creation of a constellation of Metaverses presenting a harmony, a complementarity, an interdependence.

Why such an interest ?

Undeniably, the “follow the ex-leader” effect is a driving force – here Facebook becoming Meta – necessarily arouses strong interest, the fear of not being part of the game that is supposed to be played in the medium term is an element that can be prove decisive. We can hypothesize that companies that jumped on the Internet bandwagon certainly remember the difficulties they had in getting back into the race, if not just disappeared. Moreover, confinement and the crisis being experienced are probably not unrelated to this enthusiasm of companies to allow their confined customers partially or totally immersive experiences. These companies are supported by expert service providers such as Virteem, retail vr… A sector which will not fail to develop to meet a demand which will prove to be growing.

Sciences without conscience…these corporate-nations which wish to impose their vision of the world.

Wisdom cannot enter a wicked mind, and science without conscience is but ruin to the soul.” Can science, however, have an ethics that is unanimously accepted by the actors concerned and confronted with ethical problems! Nothing is less sure, ” Wisdom cannot enter a wicked mind », what can be imagined by man, this is our point of view, remains achievable in the long term. Many advances in terms of fundamental research can, if man does not prevent himself, initiate experiments that go beyond the ethical framework that the profession imposes on them. human cloning which could serve transhumanism tomorrow is an unfortunate example ” wicked spirit “. Moreover, an idealized vision of technologies does not always anticipate, cannot anticipate, the diversion of their uses with regard to the original utopia when it has materialized.

The Internet in the hands of the general public provides multiple examples (cf. Fake News, Astroturfing, Multifaceted Cyberdelinquency… Phishing, Spoofing, Scamming…), etc. we do not list them all, however note to illustrate our point that many are the pioneers of the Internet and major players, who, noting the excesses caused, are now fighting with determination their own “inventions”, this is the case of Justin Rosenstein the Facebook engineer who, in 2009, had the idea of ​​creating a button to like publications, he is now part of a group that continues to denounce and slay the damage caused by social networks, without sparing his own contribution; as he says himself with hindsight and the dramas that the general public has seen: harassment, suicides, sales of fake likes, etc. : “ It is very common for human beings to develop things with the best intentions without realizing their negative consequences. engineers working here and there on the Metaverse would benefit from hearing this sage advice. To, if not anticipate all the sociological consequences of building a parallel world, which is impossible, at least think about it.

In this approach it is interesting to note that the GAFAM, Facebook in this case and other nation companies and therefore Zukerberg men, etc. had changed pre-covid with the “products” of their firms a good number of human behaviors, changes that the crisis experienced has undeniably confirmed or even accelerated (teleworking among others) would like to pursue their own definition of the world in which humans will be supposed to live … to this several remarks: We are not in the head of a Zukerberg, but we share what underlines

  • If we focus on the communication that Meta makes on the subject to establish its positioning, this communication is dystopia, it is about tomorrows that sing in a Metavers, ultimate which remains to this day a pure concept not materialized supposed replace today’s Internet. As we mentioned metaphorically hundreds of stars are born and develop, without interdependencies and without interactions, however, the Internet of tomorrow is described by its most committed promoters as the advent of a better augmented world, more learning , wonderful… it is then out of the question to anticipate the dangers and the caution with which the subject should be approached and its feasibility.

The “ultimate” Metaverse replacing the Internet / the unlikely challenge of interoperability!

According Matthew Ballstrategy adviser and great promoter of the concept, the “real” metaverse of which he gave a definition on June 29, 2021 in an article “ Framework for the Metaverse will eventually consist of:

A gigantic interoperable network of virtual worlds displayed in real-time 3D, which can be experienced synchronously and persistently by an unlimited number of users, with a feeling of individual presence and continuity of data, such as identity, history, rights, objects, communications and payments. »

To put it simply, the purpose – for those who see it and anticipate the end of the Internet – is as it develops and the contributions of companies, States g, administrations, etc. To rebuild, relying on the interoperability of this myriad of metaverses, a world that we evoked, alongside our real world and this in all the constituent fields of human life…. Where everyone can naturally “reinvent” a personality, a life… Passing from one universe to another, from the shopping mall to school, in an administration… For the rest the question that arises beyond a falsifiable identity what is the point of setting up a virtual world that is largely similar to the real world?

Note that to date the Metaverse are “partitioned, one can imagine that in the minds of those who see/sell to public opinion the upcoming advent of a post-Internet, this will be made up of a myriad of finally interconnected meta-universes and like the universe, in perpetual evolution, at the rate of the contributions of the providers, the users, and why not of an adapted AI. This holistic Metaverse would then allow an individual to evolve according to his wishes in this parallel world, under the same conditions as in the real world, however beyond the idyllic world which is sold (fantasized), the particularity of the Metavers, at the difference from the original Internet, being that they are immediately part of a commercial dynamic: this Metaverse market, although still nascent ” already weighed nearly 500 billion dollars in 2020 and should reach 800 billion by 2024 “.

To conclude, anticipate the Meta-Travers :

The ” meta-through “, even before any ideation of interoperability, registering, as I have already mentioned, immediately in the commercial world (unlike the Internet) will not fail to be immediately invested (infested) by the faults of the Internet faced by the user: harassment, scam, violence, spam…. As for a new Internet approaching, I will be more reserved than its aficionados, nothing is less certain, things are not so simple. In itself the Metaverse is not an innovation but an aggregate of pre-existing technology (blockchainthe ARthe VR…) and the numerous foreseeable brakes (example: agreement between the innumerable firms involved, the States ..)…. as The Computer Scientist points out Michel Beaudouin-Lafon Rightly, Facebook in a phase of breathlessness needed to reinvent itself to arouse interest again (Ndla a bet to date in failure, if not to initiate a movement) and the computer scientist to predict in the medium term not a new internet but “ an explosion of the metaverse, then the soufflé will fall, as we have also seen for 3D films. It will not disappear, but will find its niche. »

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Metaverse and Controversies… post-Internet? -Forbes France

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