Marc Levy rants against the excesses of the Internet: “Facebook and Google know you better than your husband and your children”

Three years of investigation and frequenting hackers allowed Marc Levy to imagine his series 9, whose 3rd volume will be released this Tuesday, May 17. If, in his novel, piracy is used for noble causes, the writer deplores the abuses of the powerful computer and social networks who seize our personal data.

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No need to have read It happened at night and The Twilight of the Wild to immerse yourself in the captivating reading of noahthird book in the series 9 of Marc Levy, which features 9 genius hackers. “These 9 men and women who, in civilian life, have traditional jobs become extraordinary characters thanks to the talent they have to be the best hackers on the planet. There, they decide to attack a dictator, to help a journalist to infiltrate and to free an opponent of the regime. Because the freedom of a whole people depends on that of a single man“, sums up the author, contacted by us from New York where he lives with his partner Pauline Lévêque.

noah by Marc Levy: Putin and Loucachenko have become… Loutchin

The author knows how to keep the reader in suspense over nearly 400 pages, making reading addictive at will. The dictator in question is called Loutchin, a contraction of Putin, who needs no introduction, and Lukashenko who rules Belarus. “Two dictators who used the same methods. Even though they don’t like each other very much, they ended up getting together because their interests were common.“, comments the one who had been introduced to shooting by a certain Juliette Grécowho had finished writing noah before the war broke out in Ukraine.

Marc Levy on the excesses of social networks: “There’s a question I’d like to ask a legislator…

Beyond entertaining us, the trilogy of Marc Levy, author of ghost in love, can also be considered as a warning against computing and its excesses. A tool well mastered by the writer who, in a previous life, had created a society “who made large processors“. But we were in the prehistory of computing“, he adds. Already 5 years ago, the one who had addressed a very beautiful declaration of love to his wife sounded the alarm about social networks and the misappropriation of our personal data, which has been repeatedly sold to commercial companies that know our every move and other consumption habits. “There is a question I would like to ask a legislator: why do you think people are so stupid that you have to put on a bottle of alcohol that abuse is dangerous for your health, as if didn’t know? So you keep letting spyware call it “cookies”, which is a pretty cakey name. I don’t see why a teenager would refuse cookies! Instead, you should write: ‘Do you accept that we put a cookie on your computer that will spy on everything you do because it allows us to generate revenue?“, gets angry Marc Levy.

We expose our privacy more on social networks than in our bathroom“, laments Marc Levy

And when the writer is asked if he still refuses “Cookies“, he responds with a metaphor: “It’s like you say to people: ‘When you’re naked in your bathroom, do you draw the curtains or always leave the window open?‘. We expose our privacy more on social networks than in our bathroom. Facebook and Google know you better than your husband and children“, concludes Marc Levy whose series 9 will soon be adapted for the screen by a certain Costa-Gavras.

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Marc Levy rants against the excesses of the Internet: “Facebook and Google know you better than your husband and your children”

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