Mandatory parental controls on internet-connected devices

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In order to better protect children against violent or pornographic content on the Internet, the law aimed at strengthening parental control over the means of access to the Internet provides for several measures intended to facilitate the use of control devices by parents. The law requires manufacturers to install this device on devices connected to the Internet. Today, only 46% of parents say they have implemented solutions for monitoring their child’s digital activity.

Mandatory parental control system on connected devices

In order to promote the use of parental control by the greatest number of parents, the law provides for the mandatory installation of a parental control system, easily accessible and understandable, on devices connected to the Internet sold in France. The activation of this device must be offered free of charge to the user when the equipment is put into service for the first time. The use and, if necessary, the uninstallation of this parental control device must also be offered free of charge.

The devices concerned are: computers, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, connected objects such as televisions, watches or speakers.

The personal data of minors collected or generated during the activation of this device must not, including after the majority of young people, be used for commercial purposes, such as direct marketing, profiling and targeted advertising on the behavior.

Manufacturers will need to ensure that the operating systems installed on their devices include this control software. Importers, distributors and traders selling used devices must verify that the products are certified by the manufacturers.

These new obligations imposed on manufacturers and distributors will be controlled by the National Frequency Agency, which may impose sanctions. Non-compliant equipment or equipment presenting a risk may be prohibited from being placed on the market or withdrawn by a ministerial decree.

In order to ensure a minimum standard common to all manufacturers, a decree taken on the advice of the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil) will specify this system: conditions for certification of the parental control system, awareness of the risks associated with early exposure to screens, filtering of content, establishment of black and white lists of websites or applications, profiles by age, filtering of personal data that may be sent by the child to a third party.

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Mandatory parental controls on internet-connected devices

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