Manage your internet box remotely: what applications do you need to know?

You want to manage your internet box and you are a little lost in the number of applications available from all operators? Here’s what to help you.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, administering your internet box can sometimes become a headache when you do not have the right tools in hand or the required networking knowledge. Fortunately, the operators of internet box have done a good job of making everything very accessible thanks to dedicated applications allowing both to administer their equipment online and to resolve any technical incident that has occurred remotely.

You have probably already wondered how to cut the connection of your box when you are not using it, or how to manage the Wi-Fi connection for this or that member of your household. Maybe you just want the right information on your line in real time. If even today most individuals prefer to go through the management interface via a browser, the applications are however much more user friendly and allow you to do just as much, or even more, especially at a distance. Here are the different existing applications depending on your operator.

The My Livebox app from Orange

Orange is one of the operators that best framed its application experience based on its products. As its name suggests, the app My Livebox allows users to manage their internet box and their home connection remotely.

  • Track your data consumption and internet speed usage.
  • Control connected devices in your home, such as connected speakers, thermostats and surveillance cameras.
  • Manage your internet security settings, such as filtering inappropriate content or restricting access to certain sites.
  • Configure and manage your Wi-Fi networks and your local network.
  • Contact Orange customer service.

This application can be very useful if you want to have easy and quick access to all these tools for managing your internet connection and your box. It can also be handy if you are often away from home and want to be able to monitor and manage your connection remotely, especially connected equipment and home automation.

Regarding Sosh, there is no dedicated application for managing its box, but My Livebox works the same way if you are subscribed to one of the offers of the low cost operator Orange.

The Freebox Connect app from Free

Free has extensively revised its application environment by including the application Freebox Connect. This allows you to manage and control your Freebox from your smartphone or tablet. The following tasks can thus be performed.

  • Access various features of your Freebox, such as managing telephone calls.
  • Access the list of devices connected to the Freebox and give or privileges.
  • Manage Wi-Fi settings, schedule connections and guest access.
  • Manage parental controls.
  • View your Internet usage in real time.

Be careful not to confuse with the application Subscriber space which allows you to offer access to your Free subscriber area, where you can essentially manage your personal settings and your Free account and the options that go with it.

Concerning the television, it is towards the application WEQO that you have to turn to if you want to have access to the TV package of your subscription.

The SFR & Me app from SFR

SFR is one of the operators with the largest number of applications for managing its products, so it is easy to get lost and not find the right one. Make no mistake, this is the app SFR & MBi that is authoritative in this case.

The app includes most of the functionality of other carrier apps down to the mobile part. Convenient if you are on a Quadruple Play offer.

  • Manage your subscription and track data usage.
  • Contact customer service.
  • View offers and available options and track the status of an order.
  • Access the Wi-Fi network management interface, connection history and “guest” access.
  • Carry out a diagnosis in the event of a fault.

Regarding the TV part, it is with the application SFR-TV this happens, but the latter is only accessible for customers with an offer with BOX 8 TV.

The Bouygues Telecom app

Unlike other operators, Bouygues Télécom has kept it simple with its box management application. The latter is simply titled Bouygues Telecom app and combines the management of box and mobile offers on the same platform. If we would have liked more advanced features, the application is still content with the essentials.

  • Track the status of an order and contact customer service.
  • Manage Bbox settings, such as Wi-Fi and different user profiles.

Regarding the TV, again, it is to another application that we must turn, namely which uses the interface of the operator’s TV boxes as well as the functionalities, but on tablets and mobiles.

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Manage your internet box remotely: what applications do you need to know?

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