Low price and free months: Orange fiber has rarely been so accessible

Until October 5, new Orange fiber internet subscribers have the opportunity to make great savings. On the program: a subscription at a barred price and two months free.

Everyone needs a fast and stable internet connection this fall. Whether it’s to follow videoconferences, watch series in high definition, or play online video games. This is good, because the Orange supplier currently offers its Livebox Fiber offer at €22.99/month the first year, with 2 months reimbursed. The subscription includes very high speed internet access, unlimited landline telephony and 140 television channels.

If you are looking for a new access provider to get the year off to a good start, don’t hesitate to choose the Livebox Fiber subscription between now and October 5th. Orange is a historic player on the French web, which stands out for the quality of its service. So when its rates are down (which you only see occasionally), it’s a bargain not to be missed.

What does the Orange fiber subscription offer?

To go into more detail, the Livebox Fiber offer consists of:

  • an ultra-fast fiber optic internet connection: up to 500 Mbit/s in download and upload speed;
  • Orange television with up to 140 channels (activation of the mobile application for €10, or the ultra high definition decoder for €40);
  • unlimited telephone calls to landlines in mainland France, overseas territories and 110 international territories.

It also includes the Livebox 5, an internet box that stands out for its careful design in 100% recycled plastic. The device offers several innovative features, such as the choice of Wi-Fi switch-on times with My Livebox app. Or smart Wi-Fi: each of your devices (computer, smartphone, console, etc.) automatically receives the most suitable frequency and channel, for increased stability.

Livebox offers orange fiber

Finally, the fiber connection is also included in the price. We are therefore dealing with a feature-rich package, and that is why this back-to-school offer is so interesting. All you have to do is subscribe on the Orange website by October 5 to pay €22.99 /month the first year (then €41.99/month after a 1-year commitment). What’s more, you can be reimbursed for 2 months’ subscription by filling out a simple form.

Why choose Orange as an internet service provider?

The leading operator in France, formerly France Telecom, stands out in the Internet landscape by the quality of its service. We’ve already seen it with robust hardware and features. The trend continues in terms of connection reliability: Orange has largest fiber network and expertly maintains it. You can therefore surf without fear of interruptions.

If a problem still arises, or if you have a question, Orange is also hailed for its customer service. He is available and professional on the phone, but also in store with hundreds of points of sale in the territory.

As you will have understood, Orange is therefore a top-of-the-range supplier which is positioned as one of the best in France. This excellence generally costs more, but with the Livebox Fiber back-to-school offer, you can take advantage of it at a smart price.

ISP changer has become very simple

Perhaps the idea of ​​multiplying the steps still slows you down, but you should know that changing supplier is child’s play these days. Orange takes care of canceling your current subscription, and also reimburses up to €150 if the old operator charges termination fees. As for your fixed telephone number, you can also keep it, by simply communicating your RIO code when subscribing.

It is therefore neither complicated nor expensive to switch to Orange. In addition, the operator provides 200 GB of mobile internet free of charge per month to Orange mobile customers until commissioning. Thus, there is no need to fear a break between the old and the new ISP.

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Low price and free months: Orange fiber has rarely been so accessible

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