Lightning: the fiber of Free!

Rififi among incumbent operators: Free upsets its 3 competitors on the booming fiber marketand is at the start of the year just behind Orange in terms of the number of municipalities served: more than 21,000, i.e. soon 30 million homes.

But if we are interested in the average speed observed by Internet users who have tested their real speed, it is Free that arrives on your mindwith an average for December 2022 of 505 Mb/swhere other access providers do not exceed 450 Mb/s (Source: speed barometer).

A speed of 5 Gb/s with the Freebox Pop

We have it editorially tested : how not to crack in front of this tiny design box, round and white, a cascade of services, and a TV package to leave you (almost) speechless?

For €29.99 per month for the first yearand 10 euros more from the second, here is the famous Freebox Pop:

  • with a speed up to 5 Gbps shared downstream (it’s better than its competitors Orange or Bouygues Telecom, which “cap” at 2 Gb/s max) and 700 Mb/s in upload
  • a modem WiFi 6 to connect simultaneously without loss of speed thanks to the Pop Wi-Fi repeater included free of charge on request when subscribing

Complete services

So here is the whole family equipped with the best possible connection: play on the network, telework on a remote server, follow and share videos on the networks, and then in the evening, get together around a good movie? Because the TV offer of the Freebox Pop is to die for:

On the equipment side, Free provides the Player Pop: it’s a Android 4K HDR Dolby Vision decoder, Dolby Atmos sound, and Google TV compatible, for a so-called cinema experience “immersive”. It has an integrated control interface, the OQEE interfacedeveloped by Free, to access all the live control, recording, multi-screen functions… In addition to the dedicated remote control, it is possible to broadcast your content throughout the house by voice, with voice command of the’google assistant, and the function Chromecast.

In terms of content, it will be difficult to choose among the 220 TV channels included, a record package compared to offers from Orange, Bouygues Telecom, or SFR. Especially since Free offers Premium access to the application Free Ligue 1 for the aseptics of the round ball, and in welcome giftsa few months of access to your favorite streaming platforms:

  • Canal+ Series for 1 year
  • AmazonPrime during 6 months
  • Disney+ during 3 months

Last asset and not least: the mobile plan Free 5G is half price when associated with a Freebox Pop subscription.

A maximum of 8 Gb/s with the Freebox Delta

In the “Fibre” universe of Internet offersimpossible to miss the Freebox Delta: the promise of ultra-high speed up to up to 8 Gb/s shared coming out of the modem, equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard, for always more speed and stability of connection.

Let’s not forget the additional services included: TV By Canal, Netflix Essential, and Amazon Prime Videoenough to justify the price of €39.99 per month for one year, and €49.99 from the 2nd year. A price certainly more expensive but with a subscription “all in one” of the most complete.

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Lightning: the fiber of Free!

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