Lidl: this mobile air conditioner is perfect for withstanding the heat!

Lidl is preparing for the return of the heat waves with a low-cost mobile air conditioner. Discover this novelty to shop urgently!

Lidl continues to do sensation with its summer novelties ! The brand has just released a portable air conditioner ideal for withstanding the heat. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Lidl makes the buzz with its summer catalog

Difficult to miss the success of Lidl for a few years. In fact, the supermarket a hit in France and Europe thanks to its products!

The brand makes it a point of honor to offer quality items at affordable prices for small budgets. The brand also offers a wide range of accessories, household appliances and clothing.

The creators of Lidl adapt to all our needs. They offer new according to the seasons. We can thus find different themes each week with very useful products on a daily basis.

As summer approaches, the German firm redoubles its imagination to make its customers crack. Indeed, it offers many essentials for the return of sunny days. And the least we can say is that she does not do things by halves!

After revealing a ewaterproof enclosure for the swimming pool, Lidl still comes from hit very hard with its new catalog.

The brand is about to come out an essential accessory so as not to die of heat in summer. This is a very practical portable air conditioner for the home!

A novelty to shop urgently

The great heat is already back since early spring. Indeed, summer temperatures hit France. They therefore oblige us to equip ourselves before the summer.

Lidl thinks to everything and decides to take out its own air conditioning to anticipate the big heat waves. And be careful, the latter risks hit the shelves !

brand air conditioner can move everywhere. It thus makes it possible to refresh the ambient air and to ventilate rooms that are too hot. Its wheels allow it to be moved effortlessly throughout the day.

The latter also has a very useful timer to air-condition your room at night. It offers 2 levels of ventilation and a dehumidification mode. Not bad is not it ?

Hold on tight, because this Lidl novelty is available at a bargain price. The brand’s air conditioner does not cost only 199 euros. Reasonably priced for families on a budget!

Mobile air conditioner will be available from Thursday, June 2 in store. This one is already unanimous among Internet users who plan to buy it for the summer.

As always, you will therefore have to be quick to avoid stock shortages. This summer novelty could very quickly become a victim of its own success.

Once again, Lidl is therefore unanimous with its current products. The brand always releases articles in accordance with our current needs. No wonder then that it is so successful in Europe!

The brand does not intend to stop there! Indeed, she still promises lots of new things for the season. So what will be the next tips Lidl? Case to follow!

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Lidl: this mobile air conditioner is perfect for withstanding the heat!

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