Leaving your smartphone in the sun: what are the risks?

The sun is good for the skin, for the mood and for doing lots of activities. For your phone, however, it’s a little different. Leaving your smartphone in the sun for a long time is clearly not a good idea! Indeed, despite the advanced technologies used in their design, our little toys remain relatively fragile.

Why you shouldn't leave your smartphone in the sun

To save you a small disaster, here we address the main risks associated with prolonged exposure of your smartphone to the sun.

Leaving your smartphone in the sun: the risks for the screen

Like everyone else, you probably put your smartphone face up when you’re not using it. This is both practical for quickly consulting notifications and answering the call, but also preferable to avoid the risk of scratching the screen.

However, by placing your smartphone in this way, you directly expose its screen to the heat of the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, the effects can be both quick and disastrous:

  • Appearance of small white (or black) spots in certain places on the slab;

  • Bad reactions of the tactile surface;

  • Jerks in the display of videos or animations.

And these are only the most frequent malfunctions observed. Many other small bugs can also make using your device unpleasant. In most cases, the screen must then simply be replaced.

The risks for the battery

Unfortunately, even turning your smartphone over with the screen facing down, you’re not immune to damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Indeed, in this case, it is your battery that risks suffering the effects of the sun’s rays. And it can be even worse!

You should know that batteries and heat do not mix well. The lithium-ion that makes up most of the batteries found in today’s smartphones reacts very badly to high temperatures.

Leaving your smartphone in the sun can therefore cause a rapid deterioration of the battery. The performance of the latter can then be seriously impacted, with the logical consequence of a loss of autonomy. This implies more frequent recharges, with the obligation in the more or less long term, to change the battery.

Another common consequence of exposing a smartphone battery to direct sunlight for a long time is overheating. And there, watch out for the damage! The battery can not only swell, but also explode!

In any case, you will have to go to the checkout to hope to use your smartphone again.

Leaving your smartphone in the sun is also dangerous for the components

Who says smartphone, says screen, battery, but also various internal components. Unfortunately, the latter are just as sensitive to heat as the screen and the battery. Whether it’s the processor, small components or welds, overheating often causes serious damage to these essential elements for the proper functioning of smartphones.

And this, even for models equipped with an advanced cooling system!

When this happens, the effects on the operation of the device can sometimes be seen several days later. Intervention is then inevitable.

What you must remember

If you still doubted it, you now know that leaving your smartphone in the sun is a very bad idea. A few minutes of sunbathing on a garden table, a beach towel or even near a window can indeed have disastrous consequences.

Whether it’s summer or even winter, so avoid exposing your phone to the sun for a long time. Store it in a pocket or bag as soon as you finish using it. In addition, avoid the use of accessories that could promote overheating, such as pouches and covers made of leather or silicone.

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Leaving your smartphone in the sun: what are the risks?

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