Le Pecq launches MobiPecq, the application that will never leave you

This mobile application launched by Pecq (Yvelines) can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store.

Her name is MobiPecq and it could well accompany you throughout your days.

This is the name of the mobile application that Le Pecq (Yvelines) launched on December 5, 2022. It is free to download from Google Play and App Store.

Promised by the mayor, Laurence Bernard, in 2020, this application, offering the main functionalities of the City’s website, has 3 objectives.

to report a problem

It is a question, first of all, of playing the card ofinteractivity.

Thanks to MobiPecq, residents should be able to inform the City of any malfunctions they may witness.

In practice, it will suffice to geolocate and send a photo of the problem observed.

The report will be the subject of an acknowledgment of receipt and the person will be able to follow, in real time, the treatment of the problem.

Videos: currently on Actu

Several categories are affected by this feedback: roadpublic lighting, cleanliness, green spacespublic buildings, parking.

Audioguided tours

The second objective targeted by this application is that of mobility.

Geolocation makes it possible to offer audioguided routes, by switching to another application, CityGem, explains the City. The first, “Discovering Pecq”, a walk of about 1h40, is centered on the historical heritage of the city. It is done on foot or by bike and, each time the user passes one of the referenced sites, the audioguide starts automatically. The second route, on the remarkable trees of the city, will be launched in the first quarter of 2023. Users can also consult the application to find out the times of the next bus or RER departures serving the city, as well as enter their position and the place where they want to go by letting the application do it.

City of Pecq

Real-time information

Finally, MobiPecq had to meet an objective of immediacy in order to allow Alpicois to be, by activating notifications, informed in real time.

They will be able to configure them from 5 categories: news, agenda, works, menus, job offers. They can also, if they wish, sort these alerts according to their district. They will thus be informed of everything that is happening in the city: works in progress, news, important events to come…

MobiPecq will also allow Alpicois to be put directly in contact with firefighters, national and municipal police by pressing an icon.

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Le Pecq launches MobiPecq, the application that will never leave you

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