Lady Gaga starring in season 2 of Wednesday on Netflix?

A sequel to the series Wednesday on Netflix being officially announced, you are no doubt stamping with impatience while waiting to find the students of the Nevermore Academy. If, for the time being, no broadcast date has been announced by the platform that makes TUDUM, the interpreter of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega, recently spoke about this second season. During the 2023 Golden Globes ceremony, the actress actually made a few statements on the subject, referring to the potential presence of Lady Gaga in the casting… Explanations.

If you still doubted it, rest assured: the Netflix series Wednesday will indeed be back for a second season, as we told you a few days ago on SFR News. For the moment, no indication has been given on the continuation of the series; neither the broadcast date, nor the plot, nor even the cast. Without going too far, however, we can imagine that a large majority of the actors present in the first season will be back. Starting with Jenna Ortega of course, brilliant interpreter of Wednesday, as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luiz Guzman, who play the parents Morticia and Gomez, and perhaps even Christina Ricci who, after having herself played the iconic role of the Addams daughter in the films of the 1990s, occupies a key role in the first season of the series signed Tim Burton.

Present at the recent ceremony of the Golden Globes 2023, where she was nominated in the category Best actress in a comic or musical series, Jenna Ortega returned to the incredible success of Wednesday at the microphone of variety. After having evoked her now legendary Cor’bal dance on a Cramps song, she did not escape a question concerning a potential participation of Lady Gaga in season 2 … For good reason, while her choreography was taken up by many tiktokeurs on the title bloody mary of the pop artist, the latter had ended up in turn joining the movement on TikTok:

Lady Gaga as a “monster” in Wednesday?

I’m sure Netflix would like that“, responds Jenna Ortega about a possible appearance of Lady Gaga in season 2 of Wednesday. As for the role the star could play, the young actress suggests that “if Lady Gaga were to appear in the sequel, it would be necessary (that she and Wednesday, editor’s note.) be two monsters who understand each other“. In this statement at the microphone of varietyJenna Ortega also alludes to the “odd mentor relationship between Mrs. Thornhill and Wednesday, “who somehow understood each other“, thus seeming to indicate that Lady Gaga could embody a character who would bring a dynamic similar to that of Christina Ricci in season 1.

If all this is only hypothetical for the moment, remember that Lady Gaga has already passed in front of the camera, not only for the films A Star Is Born and House of Guccibut also in season 5 ofAmerican Horror Story. It remains to be seen whether the singer would be up for such a project, which would in any case certainly make many fans happy… Business to follow?

Sources : TV program, Darling FM

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Lady Gaga starring in season 2 of Wednesday on Netflix?

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