Jura: animals also have their ambulance!

The team operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, throughout the Jura.
(©Dylan Puyfages)

Since its creation early 2022under the impulsion of Dylan Puyfagesthe Mobile Animal Rescue Unit (UMSA) 39 and its team of 15 volunteers, has already carried out 140 interventions in the Jura.

Dylan Puyfages, 24 years old, residing in Grande-Rivière near Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux, is a volunteer firefighter. He’s also a former paramedic…for humans. It was his experience that was the trigger in his retraining.

“I had an older dog who was struck down with a heart attack and an epileptic seizure. Since the vet was not available to travel, I took my dog ​​in the car to transport him to the veterinary clinic, with one eye on the road and one eye on my dog ​​who couldn’t be saved “.

I then said to myself that there were indeed paramedics for humans, why not for animals?

Dylan Puyfages

The idea caught on for this animal lover. “I then searched the internet and found a very regulated training. During the Covid period, I followed part of this training at home, then another part at the training center in Marcilloles in Isère.

In 2020, Dylan thus obtained his animal taxi license at the same time as his diploma as an ambulance driver; which allowed him to learn first aid to bring to animals, stretcher techniques, knowing that medical gestures are reserved for veterinarians with whom he works in perfect complementarity.

To better understand, he gives an example. “If your dog is knocked down by a car, you will instinctively want to take him in your arms to comfort him, at the risk of aggravating his trauma. Our role is then to move around, to immobilize it to avoid any injury, to take its constants, to comfort it also, to transport it to the veterinarian who will be able to do the X-rays and provide the necessary care. “.

Free intervention

To carry out his project, Dylan Puyfages bought a reformed ambulance and fitted it out. In addition, he let those around him know that he was looking for volunteers to form a team.

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Soon, 15 people came forward. All of them, passionate about animals like him, have undergone in-house training with Jerome Faivre (trainer, canine educator) responsible for the company A Toutou Prix de Bois d’Amont.

Intervention is free

I really have a golden team, because we operate throughout the department, day and night; knowing that the association takes care of the travel for the intervention, which is therefore free for the person who calls on us”.

The Mobile Animal Rescue Unit can intervene for dogs, cats, but also NAC (rabbits, ferrets, birds).

140 operations

The procedure is exactly the same as for humans, in case of emergency, you must dial the 06 73 79 55 40, Dylan Puyfages ensures the regulation. Depending on the problem, he coordinates the intervention with the veterinarian and any necessary services, while being very attentive.

Some of the volunteers, alongside President Dylan Puyfages, on the right. (© DP)
Some of the volunteers, alongside President Dylan Puyfages, on the right. (© DP) (©Dylan Puyfages)

Since the beginning of 2022, 140 interventions have been carried out. To finance them, actions are organized every month, month and a half (like thegift wrap operation in a toy store in Champagnole). The association receives donations in material and cash. It also provides trips by animal taxi, which are charged.

A second vehicle

In 2023, projects are already on track: the acquisition ofa second vehicle and the provision of light equipment for equip volunteers who may, depending on the situation, intervene directly without waiting for the arrival of the vehicle.

The objective is also to offer assistance during events such as canicross; knowing that the priority in all circumstances is the welfare of the animal.

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Jura: animals also have their ambulance!

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