JLT Mobile Computers Improves Operational Efficiency of Forklift Fleets in Warehouses with Innovative Dashboard Software

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JLT Mobile Computers has launched JLT Insights, a new warehouse software dashboard.

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JLT Mobile Computers improves the operational efficiency of forklift parks in warehouses thanks to a accommodationsky of dashboard innovative

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Vaxjo, Sweden, 6 December 2022 * * * JLT Mobile Computersa leader in the development of high-reliability computing solutions for demanding environments, launched JLT Insightsa new software dashboard for warehouses.

This customizable software solution allows warehouse managers and IT managers to monitor their on-board terminals (VMT) and gain better operational insights. Based on various data points collected within the computer terminal and its sensors, JLT Insights enables customers to optimize the daily operations of their demanding work environments as well as their equipped vehicles.

These new capabilities are made possible thanks to the information provided by the sensors integrated into the VMTs of the JLT6012 series. In addition to informing users about the health status of their IT assets, accelerometers and other sensors built into VMTs can provide information related to motion, velocity, acceleration, impact, forklift location and time.

Access to this digital data opens up enormous possibilities for warehouse managers and IT managers to streamline and improve their order picking and logistics operations. By identifying bottlenecks, network connectivity issues, high-traffic areas, driving dynamics, accident-prone areas, and various “IT health” signals, it is possible to optimize uptime, improve flow and strengthen overall operations in terms of efficiency and safety.

Shocks are inherent in the use of forklifts. But when you combine impacts with location data, you can identify high security risk areas and/or physical bottlenecks in logistics operations. By combining impacts with time, JLT Insights users can identify work patterns, while time and location will highlight local downtimes that are too long or indicate areas of heavy traffic.

According to Andreas Nivard, Managing Director of JLT Software Solutions “JLT Mobile Computers’ JLT6012 series VMTs incorporate sensor technology similar to that found in a mobile phone. By leveraging the data generated by these sensors, we now offer even more value-added functions through software solutions.

“The real power of this new approach combining hardware and software from JLT, he continues, comes from the use of JLT Insights to combine and contextualize the data collected by the sensors. This data can then be compared before displaying the results in an easy to use and understand digital dashboard, which offers a wealth of useful information for warehouse managers and IT managers. »

The software is configurable according to the customer’s application. JLT engineers will help users define the most useful data to capture and formulate queries that reveal the most relevant actionable insights. The various indicators identified can be configured by JLT, local partners or the customers themselves in order to add greater operational value within the framework of continuous improvement.

The opportunities for operational improvement are manifold, but the main interest in developing this dashboard is to increase uptime, by highlighting and predicting problems before they arise. This gives companies the opportunity to develop and deliver solutions before problems turn into much more costly downtime.

“Being able to spot problems before they cause downtime is a huge benefit for us,” says Fredrik Edvardsen, IT manager at IV Produkt, a Växjö, Sweden-based company that develops and manufactures innovative solutions for air treatment. “We now have proactive insight into many more operational characteristics, including power supplies, disk space, forklift run times and service intervals. »

JLT Insights is available today to all new and existing users of JLT6012 Windows 10 VMTs on a monthly cost per device basis. “The dashboard comes in two reading levels,” explains Andreas. “The former gives all the essential information from computational and dynamic sensors, including event-based notifications, while the higher tier adds statistics and allows users to write queries to compare and act on a data set. compared to another. »

For new purchasers of JLT6012 VMT, the software will be pre-installed on the units. Current owners can contact JLT via the website to download the software.

JLT Insights can be used with other Windows 10 VMTs from JLT; however with limited functionality, as previous generations do not include integrated sensors. Support for the Android-based VMT JLT6012A™ is under development and will be available in the first half of next year. Many other features are on the roadmap, and JLT welcomes any suggestions from its users.

“We worked closely with JLT to test the software and suggest features as part of their pilot program,” says Martin Carlsson, Warehouse Manager at IV Produkt. “We really feel that JLT has listened to our needs and we are now very keen to use JLT Insights over the next 6 months to make data-driven decisions to increase the productivity of our warehouse. »

For more information about JLT Mobile Computers, its products and solutions, visit jltmobile.com.

About JLT Mobile Computers

Reliable performance, without any hassle. JLT Mobile Computers is a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged mobile computing devices for demanding environments. Over 25 years of development and manufacturing experience has allowed us to set “the standard” in rugged computing, combining exceptional product quality with expert service, support and solutions. that ensure strong business relationships for customers in the warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, mining, port and agricultural industries. JLT operates worldwide from its offices in Sweden, France and the United States. And relayed by an extensive network of business partners in local markets. The company was founded in 1994, and the stock has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 2002 under the symbol JLT. Eminova Fondkommission AB acts as a certified advisor. To find out more, visit the website www.jltmobile.com.

JLT Mobile Computers Improves Operational Efficiency of Forklift Fleets in

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JLT Mobile Computers Improves Operational Efficiency of Forklift Fleets in Warehouses with Innovative Dashboard Software

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