Japan: Engineers Break World Record for Fastest Internet Speed

At Japanengineers have set a new world record for the fastest internet speed, and it’s so powerful that you would be able to download nearly 80,000 movies in a single second.

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Internet speed is generally measured by the amount of data that can be transmitted between two devices in one second. The new record is 319 terabits per second. That’s double the previous world record for fastest internet speed and about 7.6 million times faster than the average US home internet speed (42 megabits per second).

Different types of internet connections transmit data over different types of hardware. Older dial-up connections, for example, relied on telephone wires, while the fastest type of internet available today, fiber, which many of us already have at home, uses fiber optic cables. These cables transmit data using pulses of light, which travel along thin optical fibers with glass or plastic cores. And the good news is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to integrate this technology into existing infrastructures.

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To break the internet speed record, researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology have developed an experimental optical fiber with four cores instead of just one. They then combined their fiber with a laser that emits pulses at different wavelengths and several signal amplification techniques. They were thus able to transmit data over a distance of nearly 3,000 kilometers at 319 Tb/s.

The laser and amplifiers used to break the internet speed record are unfortunately not cheap, so don’t expect a Internet domestic of 300 Tb/s soon. However, there is one part of the experiment that could impact your life in the not-too-distant future: the development of a clearly then powerful new fiber optic.

Credit: NICT

A new connection compatible with current infrastructures

Scientists managed to fit all four cables into one fiber of the same diameter as the single-cable fibers used to deliver today’s fiber optic internet. This means that it will probably be quite simple to integrate this technology into our homes. “Researchers hope that these fibers can enable practical high-speed data transmission in the near term, helping to realize the backbone communication system needed to deliver new communication services beyond 5G.” can we read in the study report.

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Japan: Engineers Break World Record for Fastest Internet Speed

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