It’s the new year! Here are 3 good resolutions to put in place for your internet box in 2023

2023 is here! And this year, it’s decided, there will also be changes on the side of your internet box. Like those that we want to put in place at the beginning of the year on a professional or personal level, here are three good resolutions for your internet subscription. Let’s discover them without delay!

Resolution n°1: in 2023, I save money

First resolution to adopt: save money on your internet box. For this, do not hesitate to see what is happening on the side of the competition. Many internet boxes offer discounts ranging from €10 to €20 per month for a year! It would be a shame to miss it, right? Not sure where to find these promos? Don’t panic, just check out our selection of the cheapest boxes of the moment. Need an example? Take a look at what SFR offers with its Fiber Starter box: it is €18/month for one year instead of €38, i.e. a monthly discount of €20 for 12 months!

Second solution to (finally!) save money on your box, opt for an “all-in-one” offer like the Freebox Delta which, in addition to an ultra-fast connection and telephony, includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and TV by Canal, as well as Canal+ Series for 12 months and Apple TV+ for 3 months.

You don’t watch TV? Third option to save money: choose a box without TV, cheaper than triple play offers. Among the best dual play boxes, we can mention the RED Box, the Bbox Fit or the Sosh Box.

Resolution n°2: in 2023, I improve my Wi-Fi connection

In 2023, we stop complaining because our connection is too slow! For this, choose a box WiFi 6who allows to’increase throughput by 40% compared to the previous standard Wi-Fi 5!

And you will have a choice because more and more operators are offering this new Wi-Fi standard:

And why not choose an offer with Wi-Fi repeater included? Thanks to it, you will have an excellent internet connection, everywhere in your accommodation. Orange. offers two internet offers with Wi-Fi repeater: the Livebox Up and the Livebox Max. At Bouygues Telecom, if you fall for the Box Ultym you can get up to two Wi-Fi repeaters included! And at Free, look at the Freebox Pop, the box to €29.99/month the first year, which includes a Wi-Fi repeater in its offer.

Resolution n°3: in 2023, I switch to fiber (if this is not already the case!)

What if you left ADSL for finally switch to fiber ? Today more than 75% of premises are eligible for fiber optics. To find out if your accommodation is, check without delay thanks to our eligibility test. If you switch to fiber, you will gain better internet speed, noticeably faster downloads and easier web browsing. You will also be able rwatch TV in 4K quality, and the whole family can surf the web without lag!

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It’s the new year! Here are 3 good resolutions to put in place for your internet box in 2023

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