It’s the game this Christmas: from the Free series or from the B&You special series, which one will you choose?

Today, we are offering you a duel between two non-binding plans each of 100 GB or more of mobile Internet.

Among the many 4G and 5G mobile offers offered by Freewe have selected the package

Free series = 110 GB in 4G at €14.99 per month for 1 year,

then pass automatique flat rate Free 5G 210 GB at €19.99.

Facing him, among the B&You mobile offersthe non-binding range of Bouygues Telecom, we present to you the new

B&You Special Series = 100 GB in 5G at €14.99 per month during 6 months,

then pass automatique flat rate Special series 5G 200 GB at € 19.99.

A close comparison, and our tip on the wallet side

The telephony offer is slightly favorable to Free: calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France, like B&You, but also in the overseas departments. Nothing new there.

Regarding the 100 GB B&You plan, we appreciated 4 advantages:

  1. First of all, the 5G is available upon subscription, and that, in writing, we love it. Conversely, you will have to wait for another year in 4G at Free.
  2. Then, we ramp up barely 6 months later by switching to 200 GB of mobile data
  3. In addition, we noticed that if the use of Internet data is possible with both operators in France and Europe, 16 GB is available at Free, against 25 GB at B&You : it is more comfortable if you travel regularly.
  4. Finally, the subscription offers access to more than 70 family and theme channels on the app.

Opposite, Free offers premium access to“Free Ligue 1 Uber Eats” app, a more reductive choice that will appeal to football fans. Also, during the first 6 months after subscription, its offer displays 10 gigabytes more than its competitor. But it is at the level of prices that Free takes the advantage. The reduction on registration lasts 12 months here, i.e. 30 euro savings compared to its competitor’s package. And we even have a little something extra to offer you, here at the editorial office, to further reduce the bill: it’s pair your mobile plan with a Freebox subscription. You will then benefit from an average of 5 euros reduction on your mobile plan. This reduction can even be half if you equip yourself with the brand new and powerful Freebox Pop.

To conclude: if between the Free Series 110 GB and the B&You 100 GB, your heart still hesitates, the most objective decision criterion will perhaps still be the quality of coverage of each of the two networks near you. To do this, do not hesitate to test your address with our tool, to check what is the best mobile operator in your sector. You can also consult our deployment map of mobile antennas of all operators.

We would like to give thanks to the writer of this write-up for this remarkable material

It’s the game this Christmas: from the Free series or from the B&You special series, which one will you choose?

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