Is it worth buying SCPIs on the Internet?

Buying shares in real estate investment companies (SCPI) on the Internet is becoming more and more common. In addition to saving time and an almost unlimited choice of SCPIs, investors are spoiled for choice when it comes to building a tailor-made SCPI portfolio. However, is it really worth buying SCPIs on the Internet? The answer to this question depends on the company through which you go to invest in performance SCPIs.

Why is it worth buying SCPIs?

– Because SCPIs invest in real estate

At a time when the stock market is in turmoil and inflation has not been so high for 37 years, real estate is a very valuable lifeline. Investing in real estate thus makes it possible to protect one’s purchasing power since rents are indexed to inflation.

Investing your money in real estate also offers the possibility of not seeing your savings go up in smoke. Stone is a solid investment unlike stocks and bonds which can become pieces of paper.

  • Because SCPIs report

The best performance SCPIs offer their unitholders an annual performance of around 6% net. This remuneration of his savings higher than the current rate of inflation therefore makes it possible to increase his purchasing power.

As indicated by Théo Darroman, manager at La Centrale des SCPI (, the first French digital savings network: “By placing 100,000 euros on the best SCPIs, it is possible to receive 500 euros net per month. It is an attractive additional income for customers who call us at »

  • Because SCPIs cover the entire spectrum of real estate

Corporate SCPIs (offices, retail premises, business premises, warehouses, real estate related to health and education, hotel premises and tourist real estate) allow you to invest your money in assets that are difficult to buy by the details.

For investors who prefer to invest in residential real estate, that is to say in the purchase of a rental apartment, residential SCPIs lead to pooling their assets like business SCPIs.

  • Because SCPIs also invest in real estate abroad

There are of course 100% French SCPIs (Paris, Paris region, region, entire territory). These are the best-known and most numerous yield SCPIs. However, in recent years, management companies have created European performance SCPIs that allow you to invest your money outside our borders.

European SCPIs, namely those invested in the euro zone and the rest of the continent, are among the best SCPIs since the dividends are not subject to social security contributions at the rate of 17.2%. European SCPIs can, like 100% France SCPIs, be pure-player yield SCPIs or diversified SCPIs.

Mixing European SCPIs with 100% French SCPIs therefore offers perfect pooling of its real estate assets.

How do I buy SCPIs on the Internet?

– You have to get closer to a trustworthy broker

Recent news has shown that some websites selling SCPI shares online were fraudulent. It is therefore essential to be well informed before investing your money in performance SCPIs.

It is even necessary to invest through a website whose premises are clearly visible with a clearly identifiable address.

As explained by Lionel Benhamou, one of the founding partners of La Centrale des SCPI “Our company has been established for more than ten years at 15 rue Saint-Roch in Paris (75011). It is therefore easy to come and meet with us six days a week in order to be certain that we really exist. »

  • You have to get closer to a broker with a storefront

The Centrale des SCPI is known to the entire profession and distributes all the SCPIs on the market. Thanks to its SCPI and management company files, it is easy to find the best SCPI online. The consultants at La Centrale des SCPI are also able to find the best SCPI credit for their clients.

Expert advice: With the rise in interest rates that is occurring, it is urgent to invest your money in SCPI performance on credit in order to increase your assets and your purchasing power.

  • You must use SCPI-SIGN

SCPI-SIGN is a software offering the opportunity to invest online in performance SCPIs very easily. Created by the engineers of La Centrale des SCPI, SCPI-SIGN is free, easy to use and very time-consuming.

With SCPI-SIGN, investing online in SCPI only takes a few minutes and avoids unnecessary paperwork. Considered the best software for investing online in SCPIs, SCPI-SIGN is now part of the panoply needed to place savings in SCPIs.

What is the best site to invest on the Internet in SCPI?

With more than ten years of experience, La Centrale des SCPI is known for its professionalism and expertise. In addition to an unequaled choice of SCPIs, La Centrale des SCPI provides personalized advice to its clients.

As noted by Gregorie Moulinier, one of the founding partners of La Centrale des SCPI: “Our position as the leading SCPI comparator on the market justifies the trust placed in us by our clients thanks in particular to the associated services that we deliver to them free of charge. additional. Indeed, the price of SCPIs is the same regardless of the distribution channel. »

With the inexorable surge of inflation, the French are afraid for their savings. This is why they massively buy yield SCPIs in order to increase their purchasing power. If our compatriots are investing more and more on the Internet in performance SCPI shares, it is because it is a suitable and practical formula.

It is therefore very relevant to buy your performance SCPIs on the Internet, but on the condition of being advised by well-established and trustworthy companies such as La Centrale des SCPI (, the leader in the distribution of SCPI shares on the Internet.

The stone will always remain the stone. Under these conditions, why invest your money on the stock market or on a life insurance policy in euro funds, if not to have regrets and have bad nights?


Investment in an SCPI is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of the dividends received and that of the preservation of capital. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in the real estate markets.

Before any decision to purchase SCPI shares, seek professional advice to be certain that this investment corresponds to your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, take into account the fact that SCPIs are long-term investments whose minimum holding period cannot be less than eight years.

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Is it worth buying SCPIs on the Internet?

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