iPhone 14: the release date of one of the models will surely be postponed

News hardware iPhone 14: the release date of one of the models will surely be postponed

Every year, there is a tech product much more followed than all the others: the new iPhone. Expected at the turn by millions of people, the iPhone 14 seems to have some problems during its production. One of the models in the range could therefore be released late…

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Release date of the iPhone 14 Pro Max postponed: crises that never end

Let’s start by saying that this is obviously not official. These are rumors that swell. That being said, the iPhone 14 rumors are pretty reliable overall. This comes from the often well-informed sources of our colleagues at Nikkei Asia.

Apple usually offers a keynote on a Tuesday in mid-September, and launches pre-orders immediately for release the following week.. So with the 2022 calendar, we should see the keynote on Tuesday September 13, 2022, for availability of the iPhone 14 range from Friday September 23, 2022.

A priori, we will see this year 4 new iPhones:

  • iPhone 14
  • The iPhone 14 Max (the iPhone Mini has not found its audience, Apple is betting on the large format)
  • The iPhone 14 Pro
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max.

As you saw in the subtitle above, the iPhone 14 model that looks set to push back its release date is the most prestigious of them all, the “Pro Max” version.

The reason ? Endless crises.

  • The shortage of semiconductors that continues to strike
  • The tense geopolitical situations that put pressure on a lot of markets, including tech

And especially :

  • China reconfines itself in the face of new waves of COVID-19

The Cupertino company has ordered 220 million iPhone 14s, it’s quite monstrous. According to Nellei Asia therefore, one of the brand’s suppliers located in Shanghai would not be able to keep up with this crazy pace.

To date, the iPhone 14 Pro Max would have accumulated no less than 3 weeks of delay, but this delay could be caught up.

In theory, if all the factories are running 24/7, it’s not completely impossible to see the Pro Max models land on September 23rd. We’re not going to hide it from you, it doesn’t smell very good.

Therefore, Apple has reportedly already warned its shareholders that a drop in revenue of around $4 billion to $8 billion is expected for the iPhone 14 launch quarter.

iPhone 14: the release date of one of the models will surely be postponed

Apple iPhone 14 price and other info

Even though we are about 4 months away from the release of the craft and it still hasn’t been announced, some rumors are gradually turning into certainties about the features of the iPhone 14 range.

For example, the leaks have crossed and we are almost certain that the Pro and Pro Max versions will put an end to the traditional “notch” sometimes called by its English name “notch”, present on all models since the iPhone X .

  • Thereby, Apple will offer a screen with 2 punches : a small round and an oblong one containing the Face ID sensors.
  • For the design, this change is the only major one. Note, however, that it seems that the edges of the screen will become thinner and that the photo sensor will become a tad more prominent.
  • Speaking of photos, no x40 optical zoom but a switch from 12 Mpx to 48 Mpx is to be expected. The figures in themselves do not mean much, we will see what happens in reality.
  • The flagship feature of the iPhones of 2022 should be satellite connectionwhich allows you to make an emergency call even in the middle of the Pacific.
  • Maybe we will finally have the right to Alway-On Display thanks to a screen with a refresh rate capable of going down to 1 Hz.
iPhone 14: the release date of one of the models will surely be postponed

That’s about all (and that’s not bad enough). Same square borders. Still a lightning port, and probably the same chip as last year for the “non-Pro” models.

Given the global situation of high inflation, particularly in raw materials and energy, Apple refuses to bite into its margin. Normally, the prices of the iPhone 14 range will therefore be revised slightly upwards.

You know everything !

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iPhone 14: the release date of one of the models will surely be postponed

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