Into the Breach: Advanced Edition is coming free to Steam & mobile via Netflix

Released in 2018 on Steam, Into the Breach turned out to be the second hit by indie studio Subset Games. Even though it didn’t achieve the huge popularity of its previous title, FTL: Faster than Light, it still scored, as it was voted Best Strategy Game of the Year 2018 at The Game Awards 2018 for example, and it’s also one of our favorite games. The new version will not be long in coming, since it is planned for this July 19.

A small presentation of Into the Breach

It proves that simplicity can be a strength, since it is rich and entertaining, despite the small battlefield, the very limited number of units, and battles that generally last only a handful of turns. But that also makes it highly effective, and it’s up to the player to design their team of time mechs well, as they attempt to save the world from an invasion of insectoid monsters. Another strength of the title is its incredibly well-designed interface, which allows you to see in detail the results of each action, with the collisions and explosions that must be taken into account to reach the optimal solution. One of our complaints at the time, which turned into a big regret, was that the game lacked a bit of content, although it must be said that it was always sold at a very low price. The 4-year-old DLCs had never materialized, and Subset Games was only showing signs of life through a few updates. Creating another gem like Into the Breach or FTL is not that easy.


It is therefore a great surprise to discover the announcement of Into the Breach: Advance Edition, which will grant our wishes. This update follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, FTL. It is free for the game’s current is on sale on Steam, at 10 euros at present. This new version of the game arrives on July 19 on all media, so on Steam, on Switch (with a boxed version), but also on iOs and Android. The game will be available for free on mobile to Netflix subscribers.


Into the Breach: Advanced Edition content and additions

Here’s what awaits commanders eager to save new timelines. The majority of aspects of the game have been enriched, and our only regret is the absence of new islands to defend.

  • 5 new squads, i.e. 15 new mechs are entering, with 40 new weapons.

  • 4 new pilots are in command, and the number of skills to be unlocked when leveling up has been tripled.
  • New enemies, bosses and objectives also await you, which will provide variety to the challenges encountered.
  • Hard mode was no joke, but hardened veterans often manage to defend Earth without sacrificing a single civilian. This is something that will be challenged with the even more cruel “Unfair” mode. Expect to have to demolish some buildings.
  • Two new songs by Ben Pruty and 7 new languages ​​have also been added.

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Into the Breach: Advanced Edition is coming free to Steam & mobile via Netflix

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