Internet: what does “name googling” say about you?

We’ve all looked up someone on Google! But is it ethical to investigate a person having barely known or even met them?

Tsee a name on the Internet. Practice usual nowadays in the middle professional, she is a little more subtle in the private sphere. Verbs “google” Where “name googling” were created from this action of writing the name from someone in the Google search bar. With the predominance of social networks, this activity has expanded to all the small search engines of Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebookeven… Buddies from before.

Usually, we google someone that we are about to meet to know what to expect ; or someone you met briefly and about which we want certain information. According to an article published last December on Isexlmarketing blog, entrepreneurship and technology, this method has its limits in the private sphere. “Any form of information acquisition reduces our insecurity”, Explain Isexl. The second need behind “name googling” would be to satisfy our curiosity.

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Before, we asked our friends about a person

Hard not to use Google or to other means of research, when we know everything they could teach us in a few minutes. “It used to be that you asked friends about someone with whom we had an appointment“, reports the blog. On the professional level, “employers, before Google existed, simply called the candidate’s previous jobs and learn about him and his work ethic,” he recalls.

“Today, they extend their research to publications Instagram, Twitter comments or statuses Facebook“, says Isexl. What are the limitations of this online survey? If we riskhave their name typed regularly on the Internet, the blog advises to control self references that come out online. In the private sphere, googling results in “the lack of romance, the loss of the element of surprise, etc.”, hence the use of blind dates, sometimes !


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Internet: what does “name googling” say about you?

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