Internet, the springboard of the video game

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If the video game began to have success a little before the emergence of the Internet, it is this one that made it take off towards the popularity that we know today. In 2020, no less than 71% of French people said they played video games. A figure that is not likely to fall any time soon, thanks to the perpetual innovations in this industry. As proof, the recent Fortnite phenomenon which has conquered the planet and recently collaborated with X Dragon Ball for events to have attracted tens of thousands of players.

From the first online games to the rediscovery of old games in digital format, to the metaverse, an immersive pixelated world, zooming in on the technology that has transformed video gaming from a simple hobby into a sport and a global cultural phenomenon.

The first online games and the smartphone

The first online games appeared long before the smartphone. However, it is this small instrument that many people use on the planet today that has really democratized video games. No need to buy a game console or even to have a powerful computer to be able to play. Moreover, the absence of joysticks and the gameplay based on the movement of the fingers on the screen makes the video game approach much more accessible for an audience not necessarily informed.

The various games offered by smartphones have also contributed to the success of video games. Indeed, beyond the styles inherent in the industry and not necessarily to the taste of all players, developers have been able to invent new games to conquer new audiences.

In the same vein, they have perfectly known how to transform old games into real video games with the advantages that this entails.

Internet, exclusive advantages Thanks to the Internet, a chess enthusiast can now play at any time of the day or night against a computer or a person. All in just a few clicks. The conversion of games to digital format has thus brought a new dimension to video games, but also to the games from which they are inspired. Casino game enthusiasts are, for example, delighted by the digital versions available on the Internet. Platforms like Vegas Slots Online, check gambling sites and list bonuses and perks for players. The platform offers for example a list of the best no deposit bonuses by comparing different gaming sites. A simply improbable offer in a real casino.

Dematerialization has thus made life easier for the player, for online games, as for video games sold in physical form. Indeed, most computer users prefer digital games for ease of purchase, download and installation.

Consoles have also gotten into it and the latest generations offer versions without a slot to insert the games. Everything is done via the Internet. Some machines have even bet on complete dematerialization. To play on Google Stadia, a streaming video game platform from the American firm, all you need is a television and a good Internet connection, the console itself being dematerialized.

The metaverse, the video game of tomorrow?

The technology of the metaverse, these digital worlds in virtual reality, announce a new way of playing as well as its total democratization. Metaverse today is considered a kind of social video game with mini-games inside. But tomorrow, with a realistic metaverse that can accommodate thousands, even millions of people, video games may be mostly in virtual reality. Immersion being one of the most important aspects of a successful video game, isn’t the metaverse the perfect answer to this problem?

One thing is certain, if the metaverse comes to be democratized as Marck Zuckerberg wishes, who changed the name of his Facebook business to Metaonline and virtual reality video games will be one of the ambassadors of these new digital worlds.

Online gaming and video gaming will then become almost inseparable from real-life gaming. For example, we can play card games with people thousands of miles away while perceiving them as being right next to us. For the moment, the technology is not yet developed, of course, but we can always console ourselves with the plethora of online video games.


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Internet, the springboard of the video game

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