Internet, telephone, music packages… 5 tips to lower your…

1/ Telephone operators: assess your needs and identify unnecessary expenses

Check what your real needs are: for the telephone, for example, you mainly use the landline and can you be content with 2 hours of monthly mobile calls, you will easily find packages at 2 or 3 €.

For unlimited calls, but low internet data consumption (do you watch a lot of movies or series on your phone?), it will cost around €5 with several operators.

In the same way, do you need fiber connection for internet (useful especially for players who require a high speed) or is ADSL sufficient? The price difference between the best offers for each of these technologies will be around €15 per month. “On average, subscriptions can represent 1 to 5% of a budget, explains Kevin Ohana, founder of the payment application Joe. Leisure subscriptions – video content, music – increased significantly during the health crisis. But some are little used. However, 90% of subscriptions are tacitly renewed.

In short, no need to leave lying around services that you no longer use, but whose cost of a few euros per month or per quarter is difficult to identify on your account.

Some budget management apps help you categorize and identify all your expensesin particular subscriptions, and to choose knowingly: DriverBudget, Bankin’ Where Linxo for example, all approved ACPR-Bank of France (the first having been initiated by SOS Familles Emmaüs Nanterre and the Cerise association and not asking to associate your online account).

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2/ Mobile plans: compare offers for better rates!

In France, mobile plan prices are among the cheapest in Europe. But nothing prevents you from looking for the best rates. Indeed, the strong competition between operators causes a permanent adaptation of the offers.

Use comparators regularly as for mobiles and for internet offers.

When making your market, check all the clauses, the promotional offer may only last a few months before a conversion to the standard rate, which is much more salty. You will often have to choose between plans with a commitment period of 12 to 24 months and plans without commitment.

Leaving an operator before the end of the commitment period will require you to pay in advance the remaining monthly subscription payments. Some operators are willing to take part of these fees. On the other hand, they also reimburse the termination fees of a few tens of euros applied by the one you are leaving (even after the commitment period).

No worries about your telephone number, fixed or mobile: the law imposes the portability if you wish it; that is to say that the new operator will keep your number and take care of the transfer procedures.

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4/ How to negotiate a better price on the package with your operator

If you have identified operator packages offering the same services as your provider, but at a better price, you can try to negotiate with him. Although they do not offer the most aggressive offers to their subscribers, many operators have a fairly flexible pricing policy allowing them to add options or practice a small discount on the monthly rate for their loyal customers.

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5/Enforce your rights in the event of a change in your subscription contract

Operators can change contractswhether they increase their price without consideration or add paid servicesthey have the obligation to inform you at least one month before the implementation of these news terms (article L121-84 of the Consumer Code).

Otherwise, you can obtain not to pay this supplementor even to have you reimbursed the difference on monthly payments already paid.

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Internet, telephone, music packages… 5 tips to lower your…

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