Internet – Residents of Rochechouart deprived of the Internet since the beginning of June

It’s been more than a month that Philippe Prevot has no internet connection. And it’s not the only one. Several homes in Babaudus, in the town of Rochechouart are in the same situation as him. On the night of June 2 to 3, Orange services were interrupted and never resumed.

Mixed messages

On June 3, when Philippe Prevot reported the outage to Orange, he received a first SMS in the morning stating: “Your line will be restored no later than 07/08/2022 6:00 p.m., we will keep you informed by SMS. Please leave your LiveBox on”, but the same day before 8 p.m., another SMS from Orange after-sales service: “an incident is disrupting the internet network in your neighbourhood. The resolution is estimated at 09/06 at the end of the day. Please leave your LiveBox on to facilitate the repair” and four minutes later, a new SMS: “the technician intervened. Your indoor installation needs to be checked,” before a final text message on June 7 at 10:25 p.m. saying that services were restored. This is only the beginning of a long month of contradictions.

Indeed, the connection never came back, neither on June 07 nor on June 09, and while the SMS announced that its interior installations had to be checked and that Philippe Prevot will not take less than three appointments. Yet all confirmed by Orange, none will be honored.

Still no reason mentioned

Asked about this question, Orange asserts that if the technicians intervened, it was not with their customer because it was not necessary; thus contradicting their own text messages. Regarding the cause of such a failure, no reason is given to Philippe Prevot during these calls to customer service. Orange’s communication department claims that the repair delays are caused by thunderstorms.

However, the storms took place after June 2 and this does not explain the origin of the breakdown. On June 27, Orange’s communication department said that the connection would be restored on June 29.

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NL 10

“I had a very friendly contact on the phone during my last call at the end of June. But I understand they can’t do anything more, he told me that it would have come back on July 1, and finally contacted me again to tell me that it won’t be before August 04″, explains Philippe Prevot, “c It’s really exhausting, all these elements of language, we are told stories. My aunt is 90 years old, she no longer has the telephone and the television, it affects her morale, and we had to buy her a mobile, but it’s difficult for her,” he adds. He cannot work and send the documents he should.

If he has no response, his subscription has always been debited without delay since June 02.

A situation that is very difficult to justify at the time of the deployment of fiber and when, after the confinements, teleworking was considered as an asset to the urban exodus.

Philippe Prevot has already planned to alert the prefect and the new deputies, because “if Orange is a private company, the service is public to it”.

Marion Dos Santos

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Internet – Residents of Rochechouart deprived of the Internet since the beginning of June

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