Internet: investigation of cyberattacks



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Internet investigation of cyberattacks

S. Broyet, L. Desbois, O. Labalette, X. Lepetit, A. Mellot, A. Tranchant – France 2

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In this period of tension with Russia, Westerners remain vigilant against attacks by Russian hackers. French companies are learning to protect themselves from espionage or misinformation. L’Eye of 8 p.m. investigated the online threats that weigh on them.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not only being played out on the ground or in the air, but also on computers. This invisible war has consequences, even in the French countryside. André Perret lives in Burgundy. On February 24, 2022, he lost all connection Internet.We are in a white zone here. We were completely deprived of any possibility of connection with the outside world”he testifies. At the time, his operator mentioned a dysfunction general about the connection service. The outage affected several thousand people in France.

US satellite network Viasat attacked

Last week, the European Union blamed Russia for the blackout viasat. On the first day of the Russian intervention in Ukraine, the American satellite network viasatpositioned above of Europe is affected by a computer attack that affects the whole of Ukraine. Internet users have therefore been affected beyond this.

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Internet: investigation of cyberattacks

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