Internet – Fiber continues to gain ground in Haute-Vienne

1,605 new optical lines open for sale in October in the territory of the Communities of Municipalities ÉLAN, Gartempe-Saint-Pardoux, Noblat, Briance Sud, Haute-Vienne Briance Combade, Val de Vienne, Pays de Nexon, Monts de Châlus, Ouest Limousin and Val de Vienne.

The residents and businesses concerned will be able to subscribe to fiber with an internet service provider that is a partner of the public network.

This public fiber optic network, built by DORSAL, operated and marketed by Nouvelle-Aquitaine Very High Speed ​​(NATHD) is financed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Department of Haute-Vienne and the intermunicipal authorities, with the support of the State and the European Union.

On the territory of ÉLAN and Gartempe-Saint-Pardoux community of municipalities 382 lines will open in the municipalities of Fromental (377 lines) and Saint-Amand-Magnazeix (5 lines).

On the territory of Communities of communes Noblat, Briance Sud Haute-Vienne and Briance Combade 361 lines will open for sale on October 12. They are spread over the municipalities of Saint-Bonnet-Briance (351 lines), Saint-Genest-sur-Roselle (1 line), Glanges (8 lines) and Linards (1 line).

More than 43,000 lines

On the territory of communities of municipalities in the Val de Vienne and Pays de Nexon-Monts de Chalusfrom October 14, a total of 572 lines will open in the municipalities of Burgnac (256 lines), Beynac (227 lines), Saint-Martin-le-Vieux (33 lines), Lavignac (38 lines) and Meilhac (18 lines).

On the territory of West Limousin and Val de Vienne communities of municipalitieswith an opening for marketing on October 29, there will be 290 lines in the municipalities of Gorre (282 lines) and Séreilhac (8 lines).

In Haute-Vienne, 43,454 optical lines will have been delivered by DORSAL since the start of deployment.

The sites are staggered until the end of 2022 to build 50,000 lines. After the end of the work in a sector, a 3-month wait is necessary before the inhabitants concerned can subscribe to a fiber offer. The time that partner Internet service providers install their equipment on the public network.

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In the rest of the territory, the private operator Orange has undertaken to deploy 173,000 fiber optic lines by 2024.

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Internet – Fiber continues to gain ground in Haute-Vienne

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