Internet connection cannot be made, an angry resident

Bernard Hechon, a resident of National Road 2 in Bas-Lieu, was to finally see his house connected to the internet on Tuesday. The technicians of an Orange subcontractor were nevertheless there. But did not make the connection. Explanations…

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He’s been waiting for months. Bernard Hechon can no longer take the appointments that have been set for him at rue nationale 2 in Bas-Lieu so that his house is finally connected to the internet. Several times he and his wife Danièle were told that the connection was not possible because it was necessary to cross the national. He still found a technician to, on December 9, connect to the box just opposite the house next to theirs, the No. 35 national road. For Bernard Hechon, the operation was finally to take place this Tuesday, December 27. The same kind of operation as that enjoyed three weeks earlier by neighbor Ludovic Minecki, now connected and satisfied.

Vain move

Tuesday morning, national road 2 in Bas-Lieu, everyone was there. But the two technicians from the company with which Orange subtracted could not do what they had come for. The reason ? Facing Bernard Hechon’s house, there are two boxes a few meters apart. The neighbour’s house, number 35, was connected to the first box, the closest to the four Pavés crossroads. And that of Bernard Hechon at number 37? It depends on another box. The problem is that it has been swinging at the end of a wire in the wind for several months. And it is precisely because the box is floating in the air that the technicians did not want to make the connection.

From one box to another

Then there was a solution. That of making a change to allow connection to the other box, the one closest to the crossroads. But the branch point mutation required the agreement of Actium, which deployed the network. Actium having refused the transfer of the fibers on the fixed box on Tuesday morning, the technicians stopped there, leaving Bernard Hechon despite themselves without an internet connection.

If, as argued by Orange contacted by our newspaper in early December, ” all customers are still connected to the fiber without too many problems Bernard and Danièle Hechon are among the minority of customers for whom the connection turns into a headache. The couple has for weeks been constantly freeing up their time to receive technicians. And even if he is well aware that those who came on Tuesday are in no way responsible for the impossibility of connecting their homes, he feels exasperation and anger, while waiting to finally have the internet.

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Internet connection cannot be made, an angry resident

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