Internet browsers: do you really know how to use your tabs?

Internet: tab management= stress!
Internet: tab management = stress!

The war of internet browsers has started again. While Chrome is already at version 101, Firefox is using its move to version 100 to communicate on the theme of tabs. There is indeed something to optimize your daily digital work!

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to have dozens of tabs open across multiple browsers. To try to structure my surfing, I even decided to operate certain operations only in well-defined explorers. The production of this blog is done in a first browser, the monitoring in another, certain specific tasks in a third, etc.

In search of the lost tab…

Even with a minimum of three browsers permanently open, the question still arises of finding that damn page that struck us so much two days ago… Several possibilities are available to the Internet user, such as using the search functionality in the tabs (top right). Firefox also recommends performing a search in its open tabs by adding % and a keyword in the search URL. On Safari, the tab preview can also be useful.

At the same time, you can also choose to have a real strategy for managing your tabs by pinning some of them to entrust them with specific tasks such as research, certain databases, reference titles, essential tools, etc. They are then only recognized by the logo, without the title of the page. I can’t do without this feature anymore. On Edge, some will categorize their tabs to the left, one above the other. Not bad, I do it on one of the PCs I use.

Specific extensions

On the Firefox side, there are also specific extensions. For example, Tree Style Tab allows you to manage your tabs like “trees”. We are getting closer to what is offered natively in Edge, but with even more power. At this point, however, we see that these tips are no substitute for excellent discipline.

The best way to navigate is probably to immediately close, archive or bookmark the pages visited according to their interest and to keep open for later consultation or analysis only the sites or pages that really deserve it. But now, scientific studies show that we are often afraid of losing important information… In any case, don’t forget that a right click on Firefox 100 mute the sound…

Long gone are the days of the pioneers…

In short, the days of Netscape, Explorer and the beginnings of internet surfing are long gone. Long live today’s browsers! And then, faced with the current profusion of information, RSS feed readers, for example, have not said their last word. Indispensable. In another, essential register, we do not even speak of the questions of confidentiality sometimes pushed to the extreme on the boulevard.

Because let’s not forget, alongside Chrome, Firefox Edge and Safari, there are a multitude of browsers with more or less interesting security or other options. Starting with browsers from smartphone manufacturers or the different versions of Opera, not to mention Tor Browser…

Good luck in the ruthless digital world!

xavier studer

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Internet browsers: do you really know how to use your tabs?

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