Internet boxes on sale for 2023: 5 best offers from €15.99

Some customers want to have a box on sale at home to get 2023 off to a good start. Fortunately, consumers can access five offers selected by the editorial staff of MaPetiteBox. Several operators are available, including Bouygues Telecom, RED by SFR, Sosh, Orange and Free. The price range goes from €15.99 to €22.99 per month, as well as contracts with and without commitment. Place in the Top 5 of the best internet boxes on the market.

Bbox fit: the cheapest promotional box of the week

The first offer of the week concerns the operator Bouygues Telecom. The main reason that led to placing this box on sale first is undoubtedly its price. With the Bbox Fit, subscribers benefit at a rate of €15.99 per month for one year. After which, the price increases to €31.99.

A very attractive price for certain types of customers, particularly in the context of a box for students. With the Bbox Fit, the internet connection becomes fast, mainly in fiber optics. The theoretical maximum speed can climb up to 400 Mb/s, and up to 70 Mb/s in VDSL.

With this Bbox fit, less fortunate subscribers can still browse the Internet quickly!

Bouygues Telecom
Fiber optic internet box.


With the operator Bouygues Telecom, customers have a complete ecosystem to meet their needs. However, it must be remembered that the offer in question does not include an integrated TV package. However, it remains possible to watch TV from your computer, through third-party applications. In addition, the contract includes a one-year commitment, the same period as the one-year promotion. Finally, customers of the operator Bouygues Telecom can make unlimited calls to landlines in France.

Here is a quick summary of this Bbox fit:

  • a promotional price for a year before going to €31.99;
  • the theoretical maximum speed of 400 Mb/s;
  • unlimited landline telephony;
  • no integrated TV package.

Internet box without TV

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With RED by SFR, customers can access the SFR fiber network without going broke. Moreover, this offer is a box without commitment. This is all in all quite rare, so this information should not be overlooked.

To afford this fiber optic box, you must pay the sum of 19€ per month. This price lasts for 12 months, to then be worth 29€ per month. With the operator RED, customers have a theoretical maximum speed of 500 Mb/s. An option also allows you to increase the available speed, while switching to WiFi 6, for an additional €7. per month.

RED by SFR and its box on sale

One of the best promo boxes of the week: the RED box at 19€.

Internet box without commitment.


To be eligible for the 500 Mb/s speed, potential customers must live in a dwelling connected to fiber. On the ARCEP website, it is also possible to consult fiber deployment date at home. For the lucky ones who can choose this box on sale, a bouquet of 35 TV channels is included.

However, this TV package is only accessible via the RED TV app. In order to enjoy it on a decoder, customers can purchase a Connect TV decoder for the sum of 29€. Finally, the bouquet can include up to 100 channels in exchange for a paid option at €3 per month.

Know everything replay RED by SFR.

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Another non-binding internet box present in this top box on sale. Sosh’s fiber optic box is establishing itself as one of the most profitable offers on the market. With this internet box, customers have a browsing speed that climbs up to 300 Mb/s.

A very interesting internet connection for its versatility, ideal for all uses. In addition, the rate to pay is only € 19.99 per month. However, this price is only in effect for a temporary period, like the offers seen previously. Afterwards, the price will increase to 29.99€ per month.

Sosh and his box on sale

With Sosh, take advantage of a promo box for less than 20€.

Internet box without commitment.


The Sosh promo box has the same particularity as the RED box. Indeed, there is no TV decoder included in the offer. However, subscribers have 70 TV channels via the Orange TV app. This is available on iOS and Android, so a Smart TV will do.

Otherwise, there is still the possibility of having a Livebox TV decoder by paying an extra €5 per month. Very useful for enjoy MultiTV with Sosh. Finally, the Orange subsidiary’s internet box also offers unlimited landline telephony.

Sosh flow test: all you need to know.

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A new feature available on Liveboxes: Paramount+ free for 6 months

The fourth promotional box that we have chosen to present comes from the incumbent operator Orange. This provides access to a theoretical maximum throughput of 500 Mb/s fiber optic. Customers who only have an ADSL connection can still benefit from it.

However, the flow will not be as interesting. To afford this cheap box, subscribers must pay €22.99 per month for a year. With a one-year commitment, which therefore ends at the same time as the reduction. after which, the new bill will be €41.99 per month.

Promo box from Orange with Paramount+

The legal Paramount+ streaming service is included for 6 months with the Orange promo box.



The best surprise of this beginning of 2023 therefore comes from the operator Orange with its Livebox Fiber. Indeed, for any new subscription, subscribers are entitled to a free 6-month subscription to the new Paramount+ platform. This equivalent to Netflix or Prime Video contains many films, especially from major film sagas.

Ordinarily, the cost of the monthly subscription to this legal streaming service costs €7.99 per month. This makes a saving of €48 over the whole period. In addition, this is in addition to having 140 TV channels via a TV decoder, as well as unlimited fixed telephony.

This internet box on promotion in a few quick points:

  • subscribers have a 6-month subscription to Paramount +;
  • 140 TV channels;
  • unlimited landline telephony;
  • €22.99 per month for one year.

Orange TV computer PC and Mac.

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Freebox Revolution: the best internet box for the end?

In the last offer of the week, the editorial staff decided to present the box as a promo from Free. The latter is called the Freebox Revolution, and provides access to the highest theoretical maximum speed of the internet boxes presented. This amounts to 1 Gb/s, with optimal speed using an Ethernet cable. To afford this fiber optic box, customers must pay the sum of € 19.99 per month. Like the internet boxes presented earlier, the contract has a one-year commitment, with a price increase to €44.99 after one year.

Free and its box on the Revolution promo

Last promo box of the week with the Revolution, an offer at €19.99 from Free.

TV package for internet box.


The Freebox Revolution is a real bargain for all eligible customers. Indeed, by subscribing to it, subscribers have a 6 months free access to Amazon Prime Video. But that’s not all, because the subscription to the Canal + Series streaming platform extends over a period of one year.

All of this is in addition to the 270 channel package available via the OQEE by Free app. Moreover, this application is available on mobile devices, but also on an integrated TV decoder. Finally, the Free promo box has unlimited landline access.

Freebox unlimited calls.

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Internet boxes on sale for 2023: 5 best offers from €15.99

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