Internet box. With its cheap Fiber offer, Bouygues overthrows the competition (-60%)

As part of a special operation, Bouygues Telecom sacrifices the price of its Bbox Must. Thanks to a monster reduction of -60%, it becomes the best fiber internet offer on the market.

If you are tired of paying your internet subscription 50 euros every month, the following offer could convince you to change it. As part of an exceptional sale, Bouygues Telecom offers its Bbox Must at only 15.99 euros per month for one year, an incredible discount of -60%. Even if the price then increases to 40.99 euros beyond the first 12 months, this allows you to save the handsome sum of 300 euros over the period concerned.

In the end, you will only have to pay 192 euros to take advantage of the Bbox Must and the speed of fiber instead of 492 euros. Concretely, you will have ultra-fast speeds with in particular 1Gb/s for downloading and 700 Mbit/s for sending. This special offer set up on the official website of the ISP is not likely to remain online for long since it ends on October 23rd.

To discover the offer on the Bbox Must, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Bbox Must fiber at 15.99 euros

Alongside this very interesting internet subscription, the internet service provider also offers its Bbox Fit at 15.99 euros per month. That said, the latter being displayed at the same price as the Bbox Must, it is better to start from the outset on the latter. Indeed, the Bbox Must from Bouygues Telecom is more complete than the Bbox Fit because it allows you to take advantage of a triple play offer, with in particular fixed telephony and a TV package included. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it.

Bbox Must: the comfort of Fiber at a derisory price

As we said, this new offer on the Bbox Must will allow you to make big savings over the next 12 months. Remember that to take advantage of this advantageous rate, you need to commit to the ISP for 12 months. Also, your home must be eligible for fiber. You can check this point from the official Bouygues website by entering your landline number or your address.

You will then be immediately informed if your accommodation can be connected to fiber. For just over 15 euros, you will benefit from one of the most complete offers on the market and obtain an internet connection with the speed you have always dreamed of. In addition to its high performance, fiber with the Bbox Must guarantees you a stable connection, regardless of the number of devices connecting to the network.

Your whole family will therefore be able to watch streaming content, play online games, browse the internet, without any slowdown or any interruption. Indeed, with such speeds, this internet box is perfectly suited to deal with this kind of scenario.

For this ultra contained rate of 15.99 euros, you also benefit from unlimited calls to landlines AND mobiles in mainland France and to more than 110 countries. Not to mention WiFi diagnostics, but also access to more than 180 TV channels with the Bbox 4K TV decoder with 100-hour TV recorder included in the Bbox Must subscription.

For more information on the Bbox Must it’s here:

I take advantage of the Bbox Must fiber at 15.99 euros

This promotional period of 12 months during which the Bbox Must is at a sacrificed price also gives you the opportunity to get an idea of ​​its effectiveness. The fact that you have to commit to 12 months is not that restrictive since in any case, the price of the subscription is at its lowest during this period. Nothing prevents you from canceling to turn to a similar or more advantageous offer.

Bbox Ultym: the most premium internet box

If neither the Bbox Must nor the Bbox Fit correspond to your needs, you can turn to the Bbox Ultym which represents the top internet box from Bouygues Telecom. The latter is also offered at a low price during the first year. Thus, it is possible to take advantage of the Bbox Ultym at 29.99 euros per month for one year (then 49.99 euros per month).

You have the best of Fiber with in particular the latest generation WiFi 6 (2 Gbit/s download and 900 Mbit/s upload) and up to 2 WiFi repeaters included depending on the result of your diagnosis offered. You also benefit from 180 TV channels and the Bbox 4K TV decoder with 100-hour TV recorder. Calls are unlimited to landlines and mobiles in France and to more than 110 countries. As a bonus, 6 months offered on Salto and Disney+ and free turnkey installation.

Like Bbox Must and Bbox Fit, you have to commit to 12 months to take advantage of these generous discounts on this formula. Also, Bouygues Telecom facilitates your transition to fiber by giving you a 4G key while the technician comes to install the Bbox. In this way, you can quietly continue to use the Internet, without any interruption.

All the prices and conditions of the offers are available on the official Bouygues Telecom website. Finally, if you come from another ISP, Bouygues undertakes to take care of the termination of your old contract and reimburses you the costs up to 100 euros. It also takes care of the portability of your landline number at your request.

Finally, the ISP teams are available 7 days a week by telephone on 1064 in case you need technical assistance for your Bbox. So many reasons to choose the Bouygues Telecom Bbox Must!

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Internet box. With its cheap Fiber offer, Bouygues overthrows the competition (-60%)

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