Internet BOX from €14.99: Find great Christmas deals at Orange and its Low Cost brand SOSH

Were you waiting for Christmas offers to change Internet service provider? We invite you today to discover the promotions offered during this favorable period at Orange and its Low Cost brand SOSH. The incumbent operator allows you to take advantage of fiber from just €14.99 per month with no commitment for Christmas. Another promotion, the Livebox Orange benefits from a reduction with the bonus of the new Paramount+ streaming service included for 6 months. Find the details of these two good Internet plans on the Orange network

Christmas: The SOSH Fiber Box without commitment on sale at half price!

Orange’s Low Cost supplier, SOSH allows you to take advantage of an exceptional discount on its non-binding Internet offer for Christmas. The SOSH Fiber Box goes to just €14.99 per month thanks to the reduction of €15 per month granted for a period of 12 months. At the end of the first year, this BOX returns to its original price, namely €29.99 per month. Remember that in areas not covered by Fiber, SOSH allows you to take advantage of ADSL at the promotional price of €14.99 for one year and then €19.99. The Christmas offer on this Internet subscription without commitment is valid within the framework of a new subscription before December 19th 8h00.

The SOSH box includes an Internet connection up to 300Mbits/s for downloading and sending as well as a telephone line with which you can make unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and the overseas departments and more than 100 international destinations. As for TV, you will have free access to a selection of channels via mobile, tablet and PC/Mac via the Orange TV app. To watch TV on your television, SOSH offers a TV decoder option at €5 per month with a wide selection of channels included.

The BOX SOSH is without commitment of duration and no activation fee. Cancellation fees are €50. As part of a change of ISP, the SOSH provider covers up to €100 of your termination costs from your former operator.

The Orange internet box on sale at €22.99 with Paramount+ included for 6 months

Until February 1, 2023, Orange is offering you a €19 discount on its Livebox Fiber offer. It thus goes to the reduced rate of €22.99 per month for one year then €41.99 per month, box rental included. In addition to this reduction, the incumbent operator offers you Paramount+ for a period of 6 months. This new streaming service with new series, films, shows, blockbusters, exclusive cult content, the best of animation and children’s programs will then be charged €7.99 on request.

Orange Paramount livebox promo + offered

The Orange livebox on promotion at €22.99 per month contains an Internet connection of up to 500Mbit/s (downstream and upstream). You will also have a landline with unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and overseas departments and to 110 international destinations. You can also call as you wish to landlines in Tunisia (on request) and 10 hours a month to landlines in Algeria (on request). Regarding television, this offer includes up to 140 channels, including 70 in HD on your television, mobile, tablet and PC/Mac or the 80-channel TV app. You can also test the new Paramount+ service for the first six months free of charge.

The activation costs are 40€ for the TV decoder and a 50€ fee will be requested in the event of termination. For homes where fiber is not accessible, Orange offers ADSL at the price of €22.99 per month for one year and then €36.99.

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Internet BOX from €14.99: Find great Christmas deals at Orange and its Low Cost brand SOSH

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