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The Internet has been a revolution for many areas. From consumption to shopping or work with the emergence of telecommuting, this technology has changed the lives and daily lives of billions of people on the planet. If the internet excesses exist and are increasingly documented, the web has also done a lot for the consumer. In this transformation of the world, the entertainment industry is one of those areas that has been totally changed. Video games, films and series are more popular than ever, thanks above all to their accessibility.

Focus on how the Internet has transformed the way we entertain ourselves with video games and its consequences on popular culture.

Accessible games

Arcade rooms have been replaced by consoles that sometimes fit in your pocket.

For video game enthusiasts, it’s been a veritable golden age that has reigned for several years with a profusion of titles and new technologies such as virtual reality. But, even more, the Internet has allowed new communities of players to be created. Card games, for example, are very popular, not to mention online chess which is played by professionals.

By allowing players all around the planet to connect on the same platform, the accessibility of these games has necessarily increased. Resulting in greater playing comfort.

For casino game enthusiasts, not only has the Internet created an opportunity to play without going to a real establishment, but in addition, technology offers exclusives and platforms that guide and help players find the game that suits them. A site like Vegas Slots Online thus offers its players different lists to centralize information and games. A fussy player can even choose a game according to the different criteria he wants to put forward. Take a list of the same game or scan the catalog of best online casino game providers is possible.

No more risk of getting lost on the Internet thanks to gaming platforms.

Video games can also be watched!

The Internet is also the trigger for another phenomenon, that of the video game as a spectacle. Nowadays, esports competitions, this discipline which brings together the best players on the planet in a game to compete against each other, are followed by millions of people live.

A platform like Twitch which beats audience and popularity records on the Internet is largely dedicated to the viewing of a video game game. If all styles exist, it is clear that this way of consuming video games is a consequence of the Internet and online video platforms.

Esport is thus doubly dependent on interest. Not only does the discipline need connectivity for players to compete against each other, but in addition, the vast majority of the public goes through this channel to watch a sport that is still invisible on television. Entire genres of the most spectacular video games such as MOBAs rely on connectivity and therefore the Internet.

With the web, video games have become more than just a pastime.

An entry into popular culture

By becoming a show that everyone can watch from home, it is no longer necessary to have played a game to know it. Watching a person do it is quite enough. This is how video game worlds have become popular for the general public.

The proof of this popularity lies in all the adaptations that video game opuses have experienced in recent years. Let it be the saga Warcraft with a film, an adaptation of the license Unchartedor the Netflix series The Witcher, created after the video game craze, many licenses are crossing the borders of the video game world to establish themselves in other areas of entertainment. Although films adapted from video games have existed for a long time, they were adapted to a certain audience and did not seek to enlarge the circle of amateurs. Feature films filled with fan-service, adaptations have gradually turned into an extension of the universe of a game, a crossover made to sublimate the original work or surf on its success, depending on the title.

However, this enthusiasm of the world of cinema, series or television for adaptations of video games demonstrates that the video game universe is no longer reserved for a part of the population, but can affect everyone.×150.jpegadminTechnologyThe Internet has been a revolution for many areas. From consumption to shopping or work with the emergence of telecommuting, this technology has changed the lives and daily lives of billions of people on the planet. If the abuses of the Internet exist and are of…

Internet, a democratization of video games | initiative

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