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After a year marked by the energy crisis, Heero, a fintech specializing in energy renovation, analyzed the searches of French people on the Internet to understand their interest, their questions and their obstacles in terms of energy renovation.

Heero has thus analyzed the evolution of French research trends on premiums, the price of heating, the different types of energy or the DPE since 2006, the date of the establishment of the 1eras aid for energy renovation, i.e. with up to more than 15 years of hindsight.

Analysis of internet search trends : a way to measure French interest in energy issues

The analysis of searches on the web – both in terms of volume of searches and trends – is a real tool for Heero which makes it possible to identify the concerns and needs of the French in terms of energy renovation but also to predict these problems. We then try to respond as best we can on our support platform to provide French people with the help, services and information they need”analyzes Romain Villain, Managing Director of Hero.

One of the major concerns of the French : energy prices and in particular that of fuel oil

One of the most striking figures is the increase in search volumes relating to the “price of heating” in 2022. Although having a strong seasonality, with a peak in searches each fall, the volumes of searches around the ” heating prices” increased much more strongly in September 2022 (+455% between June and September against +328% over the same period in 2021), a month during which energy prices jumped by more than 17% according to the ‘Insee, over a year!

By studying more precisely the evolution of the interest of research on energy prices and by comparing research on the different heating methods, we note an indisputable domination of the query “price of fuel oil” even though only 13 % of main residences are heated this way in 2021. Several research peaks are observable : in 2020 during the 1er confinement during which people by definition stayed at home and therefore consumed more, but also in March 2022, in connection with a 28.9% increase in energy prices over one year (source: Insee); then in September (+17.8% over one year). Searches hit an all-time high in November 2022, with more than 200,000 searches per month.

By analyzing the regional differences, we note that the “ heating price is a national concern of the French with a 455% increase in search volumes ​between the end of June and the end of September 2022, when the increase in the price of fuel oil specifically concerns more the inhabitants of the northern and eastern zone in which the volumes of this research are higher »notes Florianne Marandel, data scientist at Heero, in charge of the study.

Gas price research recent years have followed the same trends but to a lesser extent and there has been a recent increase, linked to the current energy context of research on the “price of wood” or “electricity”. Even searches on the “price of pellets”, although in the minority in volume (1,100 searches per month), peaked in September, when their price climbed to more than €500 per tonne, against €300 in July 2021. Again, this concern seems heightened for the northeast quarter of France.

Note: In recent months, we have seen the concern to “become self-sufficient in energy” progress strongly. This notion, quite recent for the French, has experienced a real boom for 2 years. There were thus more than 100,000 searches in November 2022 on solar panels and their derivatives for example…

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The emerging interest of the French for energy renovation, for 2 years Above all

Energy renovation is a subject that appeared in research during confinement, during which the French became aware of the importance of being well at home. This interest has been reaffirmed since the beginning of 2022.

On the other hand, if the mention RGE (Recognized guarantor of the environment) is apparently unknown to the French, it is nevertheless very sought after, since the decree of July 23, 2015 which made it ramp up but especially for 2 years with even more than 16,000 searches per month in November on the term “RGE” alone and many searches associated with this word to know in particular “RGE professionals in region X” for example…

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The Climate Law still unknown, unlike to ECD well anchored in morals

Despite its drastic consequences, the Climate law dating from August 2021 seems far from being at the center of French people’s concerns, while many, whether tenants or owners, will be impacted, directly or indirectly, more or less positively.

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While the energy audit, which is more recent, is also still little known, the energy performance diagnosis (DPE) dominates research, with even greater interest through its use in the Climate Law.

Regarding research on ECD, we note a peak in 2012 when many orders and amendments were made, but also when the RT 2012 law was put in place. Since the health crisis of 2020, interest in the DPE has grown and further strengthened since the Elan law of 2021 making it enforceable, then the Climate law, the ban on renting is based on the DPE » Florianne Marandel analysis.

Lots of research on bonuses and aid : + 650% over the last 5 years. Lare French would they have need more information ?

With regard to aid, we note a more marked interest in these mechanisms from 2010, no doubt in connection with the mobilization of the public authorities (Grenelle II of the environment, creation of the RGE mechanism in 2011) even though the the first aid was put in place in 2006, and more research has been done in recent years with the introduction of new bonuses. Requests for energy aid and premiums have thus increased by 650% over the past 5 years, with a peak for MaprimeRenov’ in January 2021 when it is extended to all occupants and all incomes. A flight testifying to the interest of the French for this device or their need to understand it better? On the other hand, in comparison, with regard to the lower volume of research concerning it, the CEE system seems to remain unknown despite its age (2006)…

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Internet A 455 increase this fall in searches with the

Without surprise : them heating work » are thes most wanted… contrary to “ window changes » !

Finally, Heero analyzed the most sought-after types of jobs. Unsurprisingly, this is heating work, in connection with the large volumes of research on the “price of heating”. It is then “insulation work” that is the most sought after, and which generally follows the same trend, with a continued increase in searches after June 2022 corresponding to the date of the end of the Coup de Pouce Insulation. Contrary to popular belief, searches on “changing windows” are the least frequent. This type of query also shows no apparent seasonality.

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The analysis of internet searches confirms what we see on the Heero website : among the 40,000 pages of the site, those with the highest audiences relate to work enabling electricity savings, changing the heating system and benefiting from MaPrimeRénov’ aid. All of this confirms that these concerns are now omnipresent in the lives of French people, that they are aware of the need to have energy-efficient housing, particularly in this period of rising energy costs, and that they need to that of having clear, simple and easy-to-obtain financial aid systems”concludes Romain Villain.

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Internet: A 455% increase this fall in searches with the words “heating prices” – MySweetimmo

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